Garden Waterfalls Year Round

Waterfalls are a great addition to any garden. Water features come in a variety of styles. The most common method for their creation is by stacking natural rocks or boulders down a small stream or with a spillway kit. These are beautiful and can look like they belong in nature however we’ve found that most owners of these types of waterfalls often don’t maintain them.

WaterfallNow has an easier solution to this problem. We build a faux rock that has realistic rock shapes to maximize vertical height. The rock is all one large piece so cleaning it only requires a brush and hose to spray off any dirt. However, most people will find that the rocks look better over-time as the natural moss or earth colors mix into the rock’s surface. If you decide you want to go with a different color for the next season you can simply paint over the surface of the rock.

Lighting is another important feature to add to your garden during the fall/winter months especially as the days are shorter. The lighting from the LED lights that we use for our waterfalls and water features look great at night and especially in the winter as they make the icicles glow. The pond pumps can be left in as long as the water is kept running. Fortunately in Vancouver, the weather rarely gets so cold that the pond would freeze over. If you live in a colder climate it is best to remove the pump from the hose, rinse it out, drain it, dry it, and store it in a dry place. If it is not stored properly you can expect it to rust and no longer function when you go to install it again in the Spring.

Extend The Life Of Your Pond Pump

Most submersible pumps will last half a year or more as long as the pump is not clogged up with debris. You want to ensure that the motor is never running with low or no water levels. That can cause the pump to burn out. Turning the pump on and off does increase the wear and tear on the pump. It is usually recommended to leave them on. The downside is that they will require more constant filling and consume more energy although very little. If you hear a gurgling sound it just means you need to add more water as the pump is sucking in air. If the pond has an autofiller it’s better to just leave the pump running all the time.

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Landscape Ponds, Water Features, And Supplies

Water features, Pond Pumps, And Accessories

In the architecture of landscape as well as garden design, water features are items that range from; ponds fountains, pools, streams, cascades and waterfalls, and streams. Prior to the 18th century most water features were typically powered by gravity. With pond planning and construction comes a good number of accessories that can enhance the aesthetics as well as functionality of the pond. An affordable and well reviewed pond pump is made by Jebao. Jebao manufactures pumps in China for waterfalls, ponds, and fountains. They range from simple to more complex construction. These are powerful, and can cost a fraction of what other leading name brands will cost. Cost is typically an issue for the average homeowner who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars every few years to replace a brand name pump. It is a misconception that water features can increase property value.

In some cases, a large pond may scare some potential home buyers away as they do not want to deal with the costs to maintain the pond.

Don't let this happen to your pool or pond! There are many things that could go wrong with a pump including damage from freezing in the winter, poor filtration, pump drying out due to low water levels and so on. The lower cost pump will do the same job without the same risk in cost. We recommend spending the difference in cost savings on a higher quality pond contractor to properly construct and service the pond.

Pond liners

preformed pond liner Pond liners come in a variety of forms. You can find premade fiberglass/plastic pond liners from most landscape garden supply stores. These are easy to install. Simply dig a hole, put the pond liner in making sure it is level, and backfill it in. Of course there are more steps involved but you get the idea. Another form is an impermeable geomembrane (EPDM) that is used for retention of water in the lining of garden ponds; it even includes the lining of lakes and artificial streams in gardens and parks. These pond liners require protection from sharp objects such as stones, tree roots, or anything else that could penetrate the liner causing a leak. If you have a leak in a larger pond, god bless your soul in trying to find it. For added protection a pond contractor may install several layers of sand, concrete or even fiber-matting among other materials. Pond liners are always manufactured in rolls and you can buy them in custom sizes. There are a few places in Surrey, BC that we know of that sells pond liner at exceptional prices (at least good enough to not bother with the hassle of buying from Amazon). While pond liner strips may be seamed or even welded together during construction, it is better to use one uniform piece.  Additional flexible types of pond liners like PVC and EPDM are able to have their panels pre-fabricated in the factory to fit the design and shape of the pond.

Jebao Pumps for water gardens, ponds, fountains, and waterfalls

waterfall pump water feature pumps waterfall pump Pond Pumps WaterfallNow carries many different pumps including Jebao pumps or any other brand of pumps our customers wish to use. We work with our customers to source the parts needed if they are items we do not currently have in stock ourselves. A lot of it boils down to costs and budgets to provide a working solution at the best available prices. This is together with services of installation of the same product. Our skilled personnel offer water features services at an affordable price which is often 20-50% less than the competitors pricing. It doesn’t matter what is needed at your pond, through pond supplies and products associated with pond liner is an easy thing to acquirer. We also offer complete lines of the following; pond vacuums, pond filters, pond lines, garden pond-heaters among other products which will ensure that your pond keeps working well all year long

Click HERE for reviews on Jebao Submersible Pumps


Jebao JGP series pond pumps are available both as submersible and non-submersible pumps (inline). They are a quiet workhorse providing overload-protection devices. These are specifically designed for use in garden ponds, fountains, terraced fountains and indoor fountains. The large pre-filters are easy to disassemble without requiring any tools. Simply engage the pressure tabs to remove, clean the filters, and snap back into place. Keep in mind that the built-in foam filter is NOT a substitute for a legitimate biofilter. WaterfallNow carries pond filters that will help to reduce algae and introduce good bacteria into the pond to maintain a sustainable ecosystem. This means your fish are happy and free from diseases! There are also additional uv filters that wll reduce algae and eliminate harmful pathogens. Overall the benefits are reduced frequency of pump cleaning, optimum water flow, and a clean pond. We recommend Jebao pumps for small to large ponds, waterfalls, or water features. The built-in wear-resistant ceramic bearings allow for continuous and trouble-free use. Jebao has been able to exhibit the best kind of pumps needed for ponds. One of the larger parts costs involved in pond construction is the pump. It is vital to buy the right kind of pond pump for an optimal flow rate. Want to add vertical elements such as a waterfall to the pond? We strongly suggest you give Jebao pumps a try and compare its performance with other brands. Note: Waterfalls are a great addition to ponds as they will add oxygen to the water which reduces the growth of algae and keeps fish happy. Don’t want a pond but want a water feature?  Why not add a pondless waterfall? You can enjoy the soothing sounds of a natural waterfall that is simple to maintain. Submersible and External Pond Pumps

  1. Submersible pumps are ‘submerged’ in the water of the pond itself.
  2. External pumps sit outside the pond. Pipes will connect the pump and the pond together.
  3. There are also other new models which can be used both externally and submerged.

Submersible pump pros or advantages

  • Simple to setup – Just connect the hoses/wiring and drop the pump in the water in the desired location.
  • Very quiet, cheap with a very high water turn rate. Available in almost all needed GPH gallon per hour. Add a valve as needed.
  • Suitable for all pond sizes.

Submersible Pumps cons or disadvantages

  • Clogs easily as do most pumps when a filter is not installed and must be cleaned regularly from debris.
  • Maintaining the pump is a somewhat tough task to do. Cheaper case construction but this does not affect performance.

External Pumps pros or advantages

  • These pumps are outside the pond, this means dry hands installation as well as maintenance.
  • Better for use in larger ponds.
  • Energy efficient

External Pumps cons or disadvantages

  • Relatively expensive to purchase, but has a lower power usage which makes up for the investment costs soon after buying.
  • Relatively harder to install there’s also the, fittings, piping and the pump also needs protection from direct rain.
  • The pump has to be hidden from the “landscape” and in the meantime it should be kept accessible for maintenance purposes.

Most people normally prefer submersible Jebao pond pumps as they are easy to install, reliable and fit well in smaller ponds.

Pond filters

Pond filters are essential for maintaining a clean, and healthy pond. One can choose from our wide range of selection of filters that are for sure of great qualities which suit the issues of ponds and water garden without depending on whether one has a small ornamental pond or an idyllic ram bling waterfall. WaterfallNow has biofilters and uv clarifiers available for customers pond projects.

Pond contractors Surrey, BC

Need installation of a new pond or require pond cleaning? Facing problems with green and smelly pond water or has the filter stopped working? We do have and offer all the contractor services that you may need for the efficiency of your pond.

Pond lighting

WaterfallNow offers a large range of pond lighting in both low energy LED and halogen. The range includes pond lights that are submersible fully. These are suitable for garden installation. These can be LED ring lights for bubbler nozzles, waterjet laminar LED lighting, and dozens more.

Preformed Fiberglass Ponds, Pools, Shells, And Liners: Vancouver Edition

Preformed Fiberglass Ponds, Shells, And Liners Custom Built In Surrey, BC

We recommend Northwest Landscape & Stone Supply (Burnaby)

Pond supplies catalog

Address5883 Byrne Rd, Burnaby, BC V5J 3J1


Open ⋅ Closes 5 p.m.

Fiberglass ponds require a few key components.

Fiber mat, glass tissue, and polyester/vinyl-ester topcoat (usually comes in various colors ranging from dark green, black, blue, or clear).

Preformed fiberglass ponds are designed to provide a clean design with as least amount of work required. Installation requires no more than to excavate a hole large enough to fit the fiberglass pond shell followed by backfilling. Some people say that going with a naturally dug pond is the way to go however there are some downsides. One that comes to mind is that you could end up with water under the pond liner if the groundwater does not drain fast enough (perhaps because the pond is located at the base of a slope. There is more labor involved to dig up the soil, take out rocks as well as any sharp objects. You may end up with some tree roots growing into the pond down the road which could potentially tear through the EPDM pond liner. Pond liners to date are quite durable and have come a long way so this is not as big of a concern. Another concern that was once an issue with rubber pond liners was exposure to UV radiation could cause the liner to crack. Again, this issue has largely been resolved with newer pond liner technologies.

A downside to fiberglass ponds and pools is that improper construction can lead to blistering. The symptoms may not appear for a few years but will be costly to repair. To ensure this does not happen to you, deal with a reputable distributor or experienced fiberglass fabricator. When properly constructed, fiberglass can last for many decades as is visible with boats.

On a brighter note, fiberglass is not prone to cracking like plastic or even concrete.

preformed pond liner

If you are looking for uniquely shaped pond liners then purchase of a preformed pond liner is the way to go. They can easily be found online or at a local pond and watergarden shop.

I have seen some people construct both above ground and in ground ponds using concrete as well. The issue with only using concrete is that concrete is a porous material that does not hold water well.

The good news is that you can waterproof virtually anything using fiberglass materials. Fiberglass is one of the best methods of waterproofing known to man.

Another advantage of fiberglass is that you can also choose the color that you want the pond to be. Light blue is a popular choice for swimming pool construction.

Fiberglass ponds are perfectly safe for fish and widely used for the creation of koi ponds. To ensure that your koi fish will be happy, consider buying a deeper or larger pond that will be able to maintain a consistent temperature. Add a water feature to provide the pond with air. Some fiberglass pond manufacturers even provide premade plastic liners that come with built-in water features such as spillways.

Video of GRP Lining (glass reinforced plastic) Of Koi Pond And Water Feature

Fiberglass follows the shape of whatever it is applied to. Ensure walls are flat so a smooth finish can be achieved. This is an excellent company located in the UK with many tutorials on YouTube.

How to Make a Fiberglass Pool Liner

Part 2 Here

How To Get Rid Of Algae In A Pond

I was having a discussion the other day with a friend who said he was having a hard time training his employees. I always tell people that 90% of training is in the hiring itself. Why am I telling you this? Because it also relates to the topic of ‘how to get rid of algae in a pond.’ The dreaded green pea soup.

The three common types of algae are green algae, filamentous algae, and string algae. While you may think maintenance is common sense, it might not be. Simply pulling string algae for example out by the hand can exacerbate the problem. Did you know that whenever string algae is pulled out of the pond it releases millions of spores which cause more algae?

How  to get rid of algae in a pond

One of the first things that you must do is pick the right location. Location is as important for real estate as it is for proper pond placement. The difference can be thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Pick a location that gets the most shade. Direct sunlight will speed up the growth of string algae which is common for koi ponds, farm ponds,goldfish ponds and many other ponds that are supposed to be visually appealing. The clearer the water, the more enjoyable it will be for you and your guests. However, try to avoid placing it directly under tree leaves that shed.

Leaves can be a nuisance requiring you to constantly use your skimmer net and remove them. Your pond will be trashed along with the fish in it if this is not done on a regular basis. Tree sap is also acidic so try to avoid that getting into the pond. Which brings us to the next tip… Sometimes all you need to do is add a net above the pond to catch the leaves or to cut a tree branch here and there.

Create your pond base so that you have a sturdy wall on the inside of the pond liner. You don’t want any exposed pond liner (EPDM) because it can dry up, leak, or crack after some years go by. Cover it up by setting the right stones on the inside and along the walls. If you have access to it, use the matrix box provided by Aquascapes. If you do not know how to do this then talk to a pond contractor who does. Done right you should be able to step on the rocks upon completion and not have the rocks give way and fall into the pond. A strong foundation goes a long way.

There is nothing better than to kick back on a hot day with your feet in your pond listening to the sounds of your waterfall. Just make sure you don’t fall in!

You must add constant aeration to the pond to slow down the process of algae blooms. Adding movement to the water using a fine bubble aerator (usually to the deepest section of your pond) will do the trick. Your fish will love you for it. There is NO harm in over-aerating your pond. Add submerged aerators to your little heart’s content.

Using floating plants such as water lilies, lotuses or water hyacinths are not only beautiful but serve a useful purpose as well by keeping sunlight off the surface of the water. You can cover a good percentage of the waters surface using this method and giving the pond more coverage from the sun.

A nice hack is to also use submersible plants that use up nutrients that algae require to grow. Plants that work well include daylilies, waterlilies, water hyacinths, water celery, siberian iris, louisiana iris, yellow loosestrife, sweet potato vine, and coleus.

Snails helps as well. Not escargot! Add these to your pond as they will feed on the algae. Better to add them not not add them.

If you aren’t a fan of snails then try tadpoles. They not only eat algae but mosquitoes and other insects as well.

Don’t over feed your fish. If you can imagine what happens to leftover fish food it just floats to the bottom to rot and decay which also leads to more algae.

Make sure to regularly clean ALL of the filters in the system on a regular basis. You will know how often this is required over time as you monitor your pond. If it is green and funkyup then you need to give it a good rinse. Cleaning filters helps to promote beneficial bacteria which hinders the growth of algae. Clogged filters and green pea soup go hand in hand. And by the way, if you’ve ever had a fish go ‘missing’ and blamed it on the racoons, try checking the filtration system. If you don’t have a filtration system that is fish friendly, your favorite fish can easily get sucked in and die.

Consider using an ultraviolet light sterilizer. These help to break down cell walls and destroys algae.

Vacuum the algae from the pond with a pond vacuum. Make sure no fish are in the pond.

Barley straw plants are beneficial as they add hydrogen peroxide to the pond when they decompose.

A cool hack is to add pond dye to the water. The dye makes the water darker and harder for sunlight to reach the bottom. Not recommended in some cases.

Have the water moving at least once per hour through the filtration system. Speak to your pond contractor for advice on what type of pumps and filters you should be using.

If all else fails, or you just like buying products, give beneficial bacteria and algae water treatments a go. Find them at your local pond store.

Do a local search for a contractor in your area or talk to a friend who has had a good experience with their landscaper to see if you can get some professional help.  It is possible to construct a quality pond on your own but it will take some time.

How to get rid of algae in ponds in 14 steps

Pond Waterfall And Water Garden Designs: Vancouver Edition

Featuring award winning pond waterfall and water garden designs by landscaping companies around the world

Thinking of renovating your yard this summer? WaterfallNow can bring any backyard water feature idea to life no matter what you have in mind. Here are some ideas for garden landscaping renovation projects using natural stone or concrete that home owners in Metro Vancouver have access to with contractors throughout the area.

This is a traditional style pondless water feature using the Aquascapes technology. It is a popular choice for many homeowners that are looking for a natural look and beautiful sound. It is also a popular choice for those wanting a Koi pond. Overall I would say that this is the most popular and recommended design. You can add a fountain, custom waterfall and even change the look simply by adding or rearranging the stones. Maintenance is only a hassle if you don’t have the budget to hire an experienced professional. If you like this design, call WaterfallNow and we will draw something up for you.

Here is one of my favourite videos from The Pond Digger a CAC with Aquascapes.

It is a rewarding feeling to have the skills and experience to do any project right the first time. Of course it will require many years of experience and the ability to properly quote a project before this can be achieved. When you consider how many variables there are when offering full-service landscaping it is no wonder most businesses struggle in their beginning stages. I personally believe that specializing in one thing and doing it better than anyone else is the best decision you can make from a business building perspective.

Visit their facebook page
Shout out to Pacifica Landscape Works. I just rediscovered these guys on Houzz today. The level of work that they do is incredible so be sure to check them out as well.
A cool contemporary design created with concrete rock (GFRC). A great idea for a koi pond. You can see the pond is properly constructed as it is not so small that it can’t sustain itself. Larger ponds require less maintenance because they develop a natural balanced ecosystem within.
WaterfallNowSomewhat hard to see but this is a small project made in the front yard of a home in Surrey. As you may know, WaterfallNow often uses an artificial rock compound panel that is very durable and looks like the real thing. This is used when the client wants a large rock that looks like one large piece. It is difficult or even impossible even using modern machinery to create something similar so we build it from scratch, piece by piece. LED lighting is just an additional tool that can be used to create a certain effect.
artificial rock panel vancouver
Faux rock panels are what make larger resort-style waterfalls and water features possible. WaterfallNow has made a countless number of smaller projects using this method and has the ability to create larger ones as well depending on the clients budget. We can work out a design that suits your needs for larger projects in any height, width, or design. The colour and lighting add-ons can also closely match whatever you have in mind.
Book your complimentary design consultation with a landscaping contractor in Vancouver or your local market today and start brainstorming some ideas. While word of mouth is great for the contractor, you as the home-owner should get at least 3 different quotes from different contractors to get the best value, service, ideas, and designs. The garden is after all your private sanctuary so you want to get it made right the first time. is a great resource that is highly recommended for getting ideas.