Preformed Fiberglass Ponds, Pools, Shells, And Liners: Vancouver Edition

October 30, 2014
October 30, 2014 WaterfallNow

Preformed Fiberglass Ponds, Pools, Shells, And Liners: Vancouver Edition

Preformed Fiberglass Ponds, Shells, And Liners Custom Built In Surrey, BC

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Fiberglass ponds require a few key components.

Fiber mat, glass tissue, and polyester/vinyl-ester topcoat (usually comes in various colors ranging from dark green, black, blue, or clear).

Preformed fiberglass ponds are designed to provide a clean design with as least amount of work required. Installation requires no more than to excavate a hole large enough to fit the fiberglass pond shell followed by backfilling. Some people say that going with a naturally dug pond is the way to go however there are some downsides. One that comes to mind is that you could end up with water under the pond liner if the groundwater does not drain fast enough (perhaps because the pond is located at the base of a slope. There is more labor involved to dig up the soil, take out rocks as well as any sharp objects. You may end up with some tree roots growing into the pond down the road which could potentially tear through the EPDM pond liner. Pond liners to date are quite durable and have come a long way so this is not as big of a concern. Another concern that was once an issue with rubber pond liners was exposure to UV radiation could cause the liner to crack. Again, this issue has largely been resolved with newer pond liner technologies.

A downside to fiberglass ponds and pools is that improper construction can lead to blistering. The symptoms may not appear for a few years but will be costly to repair. To ensure this does not happen to you, deal with a reputable distributor or experienced fiberglass fabricator. When properly constructed, fiberglass can last for many decades as is visible with boats.

On a brighter note, fiberglass is not prone to cracking like plastic or even concrete.

preformed pond liner

If you are looking for uniquely shaped pond liners then purchase of a preformed pond liner is the way to go. They can easily be found online or at a local pond and watergarden shop.

I have seen some people construct both above ground and in ground ponds using concrete as well. The issue with only using concrete is that concrete is a porous material that does not hold water well.

The good news is that you can waterproof virtually anything using fiberglass materials. Fiberglass is one of the best methods of waterproofing known to man.

Another advantage of fiberglass is that you can also choose the color that you want the pond to be. Light blue is a popular choice for swimming pool construction.

Fiberglass ponds are perfectly safe for fish and widely used for the creation of koi ponds. To ensure that your koi fish will be happy, consider buying a deeper or larger pond that will be able to maintain a consistent temperature. Add a water feature to provide the pond with air. Some fiberglass pond manufacturers even provide premade plastic liners that come with built-in water features such as spillways.

Video of GRP Lining (glass reinforced plastic) Of Koi Pond And Water Feature

Fiberglass follows the shape of whatever it is applied to. Ensure walls are flat so a smooth finish can be achieved. This is an excellent company located in the UK with many tutorials on YouTube.

How to Make a Fiberglass Pool Liner

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