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#2a – 7389 River Road, Delta, BC, Canada (Fabrication shop not open to public)
#11 – 8116 130 Street Surrey, BC, Canada (old display/workshop – we moved)

Moses (primary contractor) is often in and out of the shop or travelling around the country to perform installations. The quickest way to get a free estimate and next steps is by email. $500/hr for onsite consultations and general maintenance.

For contractors and interior designers looking for a simplified solution we also stock 50-100 budget premade waterfalls at


    WaterfallNow’s team has created hundreds of custom water features projects in Canada, USA, and abroad for commercial and residential clients.
    We run a very lean operation and are able to provide competitive rates on custom design + build water features. Custom water features are often the first thing your customers will notice when they step foot into your establishment. Make your space memorable and be proud of your business. We look forward to working with all of our repeat and first time clients make their custom water features visions come to reality.

    Good Feng Shui for health wealth happiness

    There’s nothing like the sound of flowing water to create a tranquil, beautiful atmosphere in any spot, indoor or outdoor.  A waterfall in your park, yard, place of business or even indoors can revitalize your space bringing peaceful sounds and the meditative visual of clean, running water. Looking for the greatest deals on custom work? Look no further than WaterfallNow.

    Custom Water Features

    Residential & Commercial Water Features Design + Construction

    A small overview of some of our Services

    Water Features (Indoor & Outdoor)

    • Water Walls
      Glass, granite, marble, tile, polycarbonate, stone, concrete, epoxy
    • Stainless Steel Mesh Waterfalls
    • Custom Waterfalls
    • Rain Curtains
    • Thread Fountains
    • Custom metal Fountains
    • Free-Standing Waterfalls
    • Wall Hanging Waterfalls
    • LED Bubbler Fountains
    • Reflecting Ponds
    • LED Bubble Walls, Tables, Panels

    Design, Engineering & 3D Rendering

    • Shop Drawings
    • 3D Modeling
    • 3D Render Visualization Mock Ups
    • Prototyping
    • Engineering
    • Planning

    Installation & Maintenance

    • Construction
    • Rough-ins
    • Waterwall Cleaning
    • Concrete Waterproofing
    • Mobile Welding & Millwright

    Fabrication & Manufacturing

    • Welding
      GTAW/SMAW Stainless 304/316, Aluminum 5000 Series
    • Metal Fabrication
      Shearing, plasma/laser cutting, press brake, bending, rolling
    • Metal Polishing
      #4 brushed, grit blasting, satin, high gloss, #8 mirror
    • Natural Stone Fabrication
      Cutting, coring
    • Natural Stone Installation & Polishing
      Marble, granite, quartz
    • Fiberglass & Custom Plastics
      Fiberglass gelcoat, acrylic, plexiglass, fabrication, cutting, installation
    • Underwater LED Lighting
      DMX controller, Smart LED lighting, Submersible IP68 Fountain Lighting, Supply & Installation