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WaterfallNow's team has created hundreds of custom water features projects in Canada, USA, and abroad for commercial and residential clients.
We run a very lean operation and are able to provide unbeatable rates on custom design + build water features (often 70% or less compared to other water features companies). Custom water features are often the first thing your customers will notice when they step foot into your establishment. Make your space memorable and be proud of your business. We look forward to working with all of our repeat and first time clients make their custom water features visions come to reality.


Waterfall Now - Custom Waterfalls Canada - Lincoln Ford Dealership Custom Waterfall

Do some homework or research and then drop us a line when you are ready for a quotation or browse our online catalog for some ideas at

To speed up the initial inquiry please include some of the following details

  • Photo of the current space from multiple angles (try to show existing rough-ins where possible)
  • Height of the space
  • Width of the space
  • Depth of the space
  • Reference images based on what your designer has suggested would look nice
  • Material you want used for the wet surface of the water feature or feature in general
  • Material you want used for the framing or trim
  • Whether you want a waterline, autofill, drain or a self-contained system (send photo of the space)
  • Floor plan and other pertinent drawings (if applicable)
  • Photos of the space (you can send these via text message directly or by email

Moses Yoon (CEO)
For customer service, sales, and business inquiries email:
Toll-free: 1-(888)-832-2242 #1
We are often booked with several dozen projects at any given moment so advance bookings are recommended to guarantee delivery dates

Shop rate: $525/hr  Design: $175/hr
Onsite consultations $500 (1 hour) in the Lower Mainland
Average budget $30,000

Waterwalls / LED bubblewalls as low as $40 SqFt+ to resellers and dealers when ordered during our bulk production runs

7389 River Rd, Delta, BC, Canada (not a showroom)
8116 130 St Surrey, BC, Canada (not a showroom)
Private warehouses

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