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Canada: 1-(888)-832-2242 (1) - Moses Yoon: (778)-788-8603
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Get a free quote today! Send us an email with a photo of the empty space, desired dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) materials, required date, and other details. We usually reply to emails within an hour.

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Canada Toll-free: 1-888-832-2242 (1)

Vancouver, BC, Canada: (778)-788-8603 (Moses Yoon)


Office: #11 - 8116 130 Street Surrey, BC (No Walk-Ins - By Appointment Only)

Water Wall Surface Options: Black FeatherStone Black Spider Marble Blue Glass Blue Patagonia Bronze Mirror Chavo Travertine Clear Glass Fantasia Travertine Green FeatherStone Green Glass Green Slate Grindio Travertine Magnifico Travertine Multi-Color FeatherStone Multi-Color Slate Norwegian Rose Granite Piano Travertine Rainforest Brown Marble Rainforest Green Marble Red Patagonia Silver Mirror Kiln Form Glass Pattern Glass Rolled Glass LED Backlit Onyx/Quartz Soapstone Granite and more... We source stones from around the world so feel free to choose what you like!

Water Wall Trim Options: Antique Bronze Blackened Copper Bronze Silverado Copper Vein Eurso Vein Rustic Copper Shimmer Gold Silver Metallic Silver Vein Snow White Stainless Steel Textured Black Woodland Brown. We use 304 or 316 brushed stainless steel or powder coated aluminum

Patterned Transparent Surfaces: Patterned, decorative, embossed, acid etched, coloured, tinted, stained, dichroic, slumped kiln formed glass, vacuformed acrylic panels, and more.

1000+ Wall-Mounted Water Walls (Custom & Readymade) - Free Standing Water Walls (Custom & Readymade)LED Bubble Walls (Custom & Readymade)Prefab Modular Homes Manufacturing - Waterproof, Mold, Mildew Resistant, Fireproof (Low Maintenance)Vacuform Bricks & Other Surfaces. 3D Thermoformed Plastic Backgrounds
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