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Moses Yoon launched WaterfallNow in 2014 and started making them a decade prior to that. He has made waterfalls out of almost every material you can think of. WaterfallNow has supplied hundreds of custom waterwalls and over a thousand of our own readymade water feature kits. We are also a volume dealer of water features from other suppliers. These days most of Moses's time is spent working on custom design + build waterfalls from start to finish around BC and Canada, working on designs for clients, carrying out technical maintenance of commercial water features, or shipping out orders for non-custom waterfall kits. Most installations are done in crews of 1-2 within 1-2 days (avg 8-12 installs per month). WaterfallNow's inhouse design + build process makes getting a water feature a breeze for both residential and commercial clients.
We can advise you on rough-ins and options for plumbing/electrical and acoustics/sound, flow rates, other effects, and maintenance requirements. WaterfallNow also offers 3D renderings and detailed shop drawings with revisions to help you visualize your feature before it gets built. Once designs are confirmed we begin fabrication. Water features are thoroughly tested inhouse. We can also provide photos, videos, and email updates along the way to keep you informed on the progress.

Deal direct for best pricing. We do not subcontract to other water features companies.

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Moses Yoon: (778)-788-8603

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