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Benefits of Fiberglass Rocks

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You are perhaps wondering what are the benefits of fiberglass rocks? Most people don’t know the ups and downs of fiberglass vs concrete so we’ve added some insights below.

Fiberglass truly is a remarkable and revolutionary product.

Watch this man wack the boat at 1:15!!

I know what you are thinking. He hit the boat like a little girl!

The reason I shared this video was not to show that fiberglass is indestructible but to demonstrate that should someone have a little too much to drink and decides to kick, drive a car into, have a tree branch falls onto, or wail on with a pipe a fiberglass reinforced rock will still remain structurally intact. You would have to put some real effort into causing some damage. Minor holes or cracks caused by intentional blunt force can be remedied with a simple patch job. If you can punch a hole in one of our rock panels with your bare fist we will buy you a beer and pay for your medical fees.

How durable? Think…

Surprisingly durable

Other Benefits of Fiberglass Rocks

Long lasting, waterproof, corrosion resistant and non-conductive. It is an amazing product that can be molded into practically anything, giving design engineers unlimited possibilities in the ability to make long and sweeping contours, allowing for much more design freedom than metal or wood based structures can.

Because of  these characteristics, fiberglass should be considered whenever there is a significant amount of fabrication to aluminum or stainless steel as often times a better part can be made at a lower or very competitive price with each molded part being consistently well within manufacturing tolerances. We have a keen awareness that price does affect a prospective client’s desires. WaterfallNow has received many thanks from former clients who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy such luxuries.

Fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal (pound for pound) and it will not rust – perfect for outside use or in locations near water, especially salt water. Fiberglass is also resistive to corrosive chemicals, and, when made with special fire-retardant resins, in the event of fire, your products only char and do not burn up. Why is this relevant? Some people desire steel water features so it is worth noting this fact.

Resin is a lightweight, durable, synthetic material made from recycled plastic. It requires little maintenance and it holds up well to outdoor use. Rain and snow won’t cause it to rot, chip and flake like certain paints, or rust like certain metals. It’s an excellent product to use for a water feature.  These fountains will blend wonderfully in your water garden or as an indoor tabletop fountain.
  • Some reasons to consider Fiberglass over Concrete: Unfortunately concrete applications which look beautiful also come with some disadvantages for the unwary client. They may require a lot of maintenance to function efficiently and safely. Thinking of getting an over-hang for a spillover? You could be putting lives at risk with an overweight portion of concrete that does not have the proper reinforcement to support it.
  • If you are considering the differences between a fiberglass and concrete swimming  pool (something we don’t do but is worth noting) first consider the fact that concrete requires monthly professional cleaning to ensure that no algae can form along the walls. If you are the owner of a concrete pool you are already aware that after a decade you have spent anywhere from $14,000 to $18,000 purely on maintaining your pool properly. Failing to do so allows the germs, bacteria, and algae to breed in the porous concrete basin which makes for an unpleasant experience. Failing to keep up with regular maintenance can be a difficult issue to fund. The porous nature of concrete often requires having a gel coat layer to prevent the water from completely draining out.
    • Difference in weight may be a reason for considering a fiberglass rock feature over a concrete but it could also go the other way. Concrete applications are generally a permanent fixture meant to remain at that location. If you ever need to upgrade to something fresh, perhaps a different design, you will be destroying all or part of your existing waterfall.

  • With a more flexible approach (fiberglass), should you decide in the future to move the waterfall to another location we can do so and also add onto it. Our clients enjoy their waterfalls so much that some even requested us to move it to their new home and so we did. Something worthy of noting is that rock water features (whatever the method or substance of construction) tend to raise property value (landscaping).
  • WaterfallNow’s rock features operate in all 4 seasons. One common issue with concrete was the damage caused when rainwater seeped into a crack in a concrete application and upon expanding caused further damage to the concrete. This is known as freeze-thaw action which leads to deteriorating applications. Will this be an issue with a concrete rock? Possibly, unless you hire a professional that has mastered a special technique.

Sample photo of the effects of erosion on concrete. Fiberglass on the other hand does not erode from weather conditions nor does it crack. These are just a few more of the many benefits of fiberglass rocks.
    • Fiberglass rocks are much less labor intensive. While concrete applications can look very beautiful for outdoor applications they are generally not an ideal solution for indoor renovations if time does not permit. Construction of concrete applications often requires many laborers who must work quickly and be careful ensure the final product is fully functioning before curing. It can be a nightmare for a contractor who cannot understand why or where there is a fault if a concrete application is not running. Hire professionals with a great track record. As for fiberglass rocks, the individual rock panels are pre-made in a different location and brought on site where they are cut, bent, shaped, folded and patched together in a matter of days.
    • Cost Effectiveness due to lower costs for maintenance, labour, and warranty work.  A lighter and stronger product also results in lower costs for shipping and storage. Fiberglass is durable but it depends on what you need. Do you prefer cost effectiveness over the ability to kick or drive a car into a concrete rock application and not have it break? Most people simply want something that is aesthetically pleasing to watch and listen to at a good price. They don’t want the hassle of maintenance if left unchecked that will leave a water feature inoperable due to high cost. WaterfallNow’s fake, faux, or artificial rocks however you prefer to call them are very easy to maintain. Often times the only thing that requires updating is the water pump itself depending on the usage (can last 6-10 years). Want to customize the flow of water? We simply adjust the plumbing and type of pump.
    • Pond or Pondless is a choice and because we can relocate our custom artificial rock waterfalls they can be upgraded to attach onto an existing pond or moved to act as a pondless (hidden pond) waterfall. How does the water keep coming out and where is it going? Uh.. Magic.. No, actually it is just water cycled through a pump back to the spillover or to the top of the rock feature. We use EPDM rubber pond liner. The only way the water would leak is if someone intentionally cut a hole in the liner. If a hole is found it can be patched or a new liner can be placed over top.
    • Pound for Pound Fiberglass is roughly 17 times stronger than concrete.

Would you want a concrete feature this size put in your living space? I personally would. But what happens if you get tired of it and want to move it? Ref: jackhammer video.
Our rock waterfalls are so light they can even be placed on the back of a pickup!


On the other side we sometimeso work with concrete rock panels. Depending on the project at hand we can alternate between concrete paneling and fiberglass rocks. We like to use our fiberglass rocks to create unique designs but are flexible enough to do whatever the client desires.

About what we do: WaterfallNow uses a blend of natural and synthetic materials to create a strong outer layer which can promote the growth of algae on outdoor applications giving them a more natural look over time. The benefits of fiberglass rocks are many. We hand-craft the inner membrane which ensures structural stability of the final project. The popular consensus from the feedback that we receive is that custom rock waterfalls are a GREAT landscaping idea and most people want one. The issue is that most people cannot afford one. WaterfallNow wants not just to renovate high end luxury homes, hotels, and casinos but to give the everyday person a way to enjoy resort-like settings in their own personal living space or yard.

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Go to ROCKYWATERFALL.com to inquire about custom made artificial rocks

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