Indoor Water Feature Design Ideas

WaterfallNow is an experienced group of artificial rock water feature artists that works with clients that want the best in custom water features.

Whether you are a designer/architect, or a home-owner looking to spruce up your living space WaterfallNow can provide the outdoor or indoor water feature design ideas you need to inspire you to make your dreams come true.

WaterfallNow truly creates custom works of art for any budget. Typically our clients are those who have the budget to let us maximize that project to bring out its full potential. For those who cannot go without having the sound of trickling water or a stream of water on their property give us a call to see what you can have done.

Do you enjoy the sounds of trickling water? We do.

Maybe you like the energizing sounds of a rushing torrent of water? We like that too.

Can’t decide which one you prefer? Ask us about a free quote. We will work with you to design something within your budget. We work with any budget to give our clients something they can enjoy for many years to come. Our water features even increase property value.

If you are looking for unique indoor water feature design ideas you are in luck. Why? Because you’ve just discovered WaterfallNow! WaterfallNow can create specialty works of art for all of our clients to match and fit your interior design needs.

Are you an architect, home builder, or designer with plans to enhance a living space with the addition of an attention-grabbing indoor water feature? Contact us for a quote and take advantage of our great deals.

Our rocks are so versatile that we can work on any project any place, any size, and any shape. By taking our rock panels, cutting, bending, folding, and patching them together we can theoretically re-create an entire cliffside.

We don’t deny the beauty in natural rocks. But having many years in landscaping, we discovered many limitations associated with natural stone

Natural stone tends to be limited with finding the right the size, shape, or colour.

Areas such as Surrey, Burnaby, or Richmond where are not as fortunate as North Vancouver, West Vancouver, or Whistler with the close proximity to natural rock formations such as cliffs and rock walls.

Concrete is often out of the question when it comes to indoor water features not simply because of costs but potential maintenance nightmares. If going for a concrete water feature located indoors it is advised to do so during the construction of the building and securing all potential leakages.

Concrete – Leaks and Cracks

We have heard the horror stories of people who have had a concrete waterfall that was not created properly. We aren’t sure what the exact cause of the leakage was but it may have been something to do with the tiny pores in the concrete itself. We have seen several of these in people’s backyards that were not running. The common response to why the waterfalls were not running was maintenance related. Ask the contractor for samples of their experience with creating outdoor and indoor water features.

If you currently have a concrete pool or concrete waterfall with a basin that has issues holding water you may need to reapply a gel coat. Vinyl Ester resins are common for this type of repair. Polyester resins are priced higher and usually aren’t used as a gel coat. Provided that you are doing your own labour you can do this for a few hundred dollars.

Fiberglass pools tend to be a good option from the start as the long-term reductions in maintenance costs will eventually outweigh the initial savings. They won’t tell you this upfront. Concrete pools are undoubtedly beautiful but fiberglass pools are becoming more common. As long as you ask and have an idea of the potential maintenance costs you will be fine eitherway.

Other things to consider is the proximity to trees and other roots. Concrete once set tends to be a permanent fixture. If you are considering an outdoor water feature ensure that the feature will not be in close proximity with large tree roots or roots from newly planted trees that may crack the structure. Even the smallest weeds and roots can crack concrete or asphalt as can be seen in many unkempt driveways and sidewalks. Roots from trees that grow along or near concrete can create enough pressure to eventually begin affecting the structural integrity of your waterfall.

Another potential pitfall with some concrete designs is cracking from freeze-thaw. Amateurs such as ourselves when we first were creating rock features using concrete many years ago found that even the smallest lumps could cause a concrete rock feature to crack completely over the winter. Fortunately this rock feature was not created for a client but for ourselves. The cause was simply due to water and ice accumulating in the pores and holes and expanding causing the structure to break and chip.

We eventually discovered fiberglass as an optimal solution. They are simple to use and versatile which makes serving the customers needs that much smoother. They are flexible and have a lot of give to them. The beautiful thing about fiberglass is that repairs don’t have to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Often times our former clients call us for upgrades to their existing water features to change the color or make them bigger by adding more panels.

One of the downsides to fiberglass is the perception of it being less permanent. For outdoor commercial purposes it is a safer bet to go with concrete water features because there will inevitably be people that will stand on or sit on the water feature. Despite this downside we have not had many issues with property damage to our rock features. Should something happen let us know right away and we will patch and seam the damages back to normal.

Want insane overhangs and realistic rock patterns taken exactly from natural rock walls? There are hundreds of different fake rock panel designs to choose from.

waterfall nowWhen you have this kind of flexibility it makes coming up with indoor water feature ideas that much easier.

Custom Indoor Water Fountains, Water Walls and Water Features

WaterfallNow builds unique custom water walls using artificial rock panels. Despite being larger and much more beautiful our projects currently cost less than our competitors. When it comes to water walls which can be purchased through a wholesaler online or from a local dealer you are often limited to wall-mounted units.

I am a fan of wall-mounted water walls as well though they lack the exact sound that is often associated with other waterfalls or water features. The benefit of choosing them is their modern design which often better-matches contemporary architecture. They are however not our passion.

The team at WaterfallNow enjoys creating true custom work on-site for all clients needs. It is a satisfying feeling to have worked on a project on-site, plug in the power, and see a beautiful man-made waterfall come to life.

Whether you prefer the soothing and relaxing sounds of water trickling down a rock wall or the white noise provided by a waterfall (for a lobby) that can drown out traffic and other related noise simply let us know. We will draw out a plan, find the necessary parts and pieces, provide all the lighting, pumps, plumbing, and everything else needed to create your waterfall or water feature.

Pricing is based on the amount of rock panels required, labour required, indoor/outdoor, amount of preparation work done, customization (lighting, mist, fog, fountainheads etc), degree of difficulty, indoor or outdoor, and location with high traffic. Have a great location that you would like to feature one of our waterfalls? We will provide you with an excellent and unbeatable offer.

Our prices vary but on average they are:

Residential projects Est medium sizes $4000 to larger projects of $15,000 (We have saved just a few samples)

Commercial projects Est larger projects $20,000 showcase projects $50,000 (No current samples – currently working on a few)

Are you an architect tasked with creating a large commercial project? Don’t think that WaterfallNow lacks the ability to work on larger projects. There is little difference in the time it takes for WaterfallNow to create a medium project from a large project.

We will in the future provide more photos and videos of our work for your benefit. Look for a fresh set of samples by summer 2014 for both outdoor and waterfalls. We will have more indoor water feature design ideas for your interior waterfall, water wall, or fountain needs.

Don’t wait until our prices increase. Take advantage of our low introductory rates this summer.

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Custom Rock Garden Waterfalls

There is an art to constructing custom rock garden waterfalls. The time, effort, investments, and even failures that went into learning how to get started is often overlooked by those who are unfamiliar with the industry. The ability to work around issues and solve problems is a very useful and essential skill.

We’ve encountered hundreds of issues over the years along the way but were always able to find a way to make things work. In the end, that learned experience is a part of the value we bring to you. We’ve tried styrofoam, concrete, our own panel system, and many other techniques. What we found was that most projects were at the time either too large or too costly for smaller clients. We have since developed a way to serve a wider range of clients.

There is a lot of trial and error that goes into learning how to build custom rock features. This is especially true for those who did not go to school to learn these things. People sometimes wonder why counselors or lawyers can charge so much for the advice that they give. What most people miss is the amount of time (many years in school and of experience) and money (books, hiring staff, education) that went into being in a position to do so. It wasn’t easy to get to that point as most people think.

“We don’t know what we don’t know”

Are you looking to learn how to do what we do which is creating 100% customrock garden waterfalls and rock water features for your garden or place of business? If so, send us an email along with your experience.

custom rock garden waterfalls

We have many years of landscaping experience in a family business and experience with MANY other ventures along the way. When we tell people that failure is just an opportunity to learn it is coming from a place where we know people must fail first in order to succeed. Spouting of goals and plans for making something come about is one thing – an entirely different thing to actually do it. What do you hope to accomplish? Is it your first time creating your own rock water feature? You may email us if you would like some of our guidance. Just type [crw] in the subject line. We will provide you with guidance with the hope that it saves you time, money, and stress.

When we meet someone with a passion to start their own business, determine their own level of income, and serve others we can introduce them to new opportunities for personal growth in partnership with us. The attitudes that we carry towards life helps us guide our actions which in turn affects our results.

Our craft requires some natural talent. We operate in a specialized or niche market serving a broad range of clients. This is part of the reason why you won’t find many people doing what we do. If you are planning a rock water feature for your next renovation project and would be interested in pursuing a business relationship in one form or another simply send us an email or speak with Moses 778-788-8603.

We believe in the power of word of mouth marketing and obtaining new business through referrals because that is where the majority of our business has come from over the past decade. We always make room for new growth opportunities and welcome anyone looking to grow with us. Our business clients are more than just customers. They are long-term friends that we stay in contact with over the years. When you do business with us you automatically become a part of our network.

We are in the process of implementing new marketing strategies to make 2014 a breakthrough year. WaterfallNow started out under 3-4 different names during a transitioning phase out of the traditional landscaping arena. We went from landscaping on large commercial and residential landscaping projects (something we were happy doing at the time) but have since found a new home in a market with little competition. With the right team in place we can only continue to grow.

Can you make a list of 100 other places that do what you do in your market? Chances are that you can. But how many people know someone that can do what we do? Very few. This is why our specialization in creating 100% custom hand-made rock features both indoors and outdoors is our field of choice. We have made many rock patio waterfalls, rock retaining walls, garden waterfalls, and water features for fish ponds or pools. There is virtually no limit to what we can do. We have made many custom rock garden waterfalls throughout the Lower Mainland with a wide range of satisfied clients.

If customization, low-maintenance, and long-lasting waterfalls are on your renovation list then give us a call. We help our friends by featuring their waterfalls and business in our videos, websites, and providing solid referrals for people we know that are seeking their services. We serve the entire Lower Mainland (Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby and all locations).

Do you want to be known as the best at what you do? Do you want to attract more customers to your place of business? Let’s work together to not only renovate your place of business but also the image and brand. People don’t talk about renovations that are unremarkable. They do however like to talk about our water features with their friends and family.

Many people are already looking for what we do [Custom Rock Garden Waterfalls]. Soon more people will be looking for something fresh and unique and look for something other than the cold nature of modern designs. By then WaterfallNow will be in the perfect position as the leader in BC for 100% custom rock water features and our services will be known for its increasingly high demand.

Those who are decision makers, are good at determining investment decisions, and understand market value, will be able to take advantage of the services that we are currently providing at the low introductory rates that we offer. We are focused on intentionally growing our company as well as those businesses that are in mutual partnership with us.

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Custom Rock Water Features

WaterfallNow creates 100% custom rock water features

For those who have it all…

Whether you enjoy the soothing sounds of trickling water or an energizing torrent of rushing water we can work with you to design something spectacular that can’t be bought anywhere else. Our custom rock water features are uniquely designed with you in mind.

We have been practicing the creation of custom-made artificial rock waterfalls for many years with many satisfied clients throughout the Lower Mainland. Moving forward we look to create more memorable experiences for all of our clients in 2014 and in the years to come.

Our clientele is very diverse ranging from commercial to residential, indoors and outdoors. Whether you are the owner of a resort that would like something custom-made for your waiting areas or just someone looking to renovate their home we can provide you with what you need. Perhaps you are looking for more than a simple water wall and would prefer a unique artificial rock water wall spanning an entire wall. That is what we do at WaterfallNow.

No two projects look the same. We begin with hand-made rock panels that are patched together to form the final shape. Our custom rock water features are unlike concrete or other faux rock applications. These are not stamped nor carved. They are hand-made rock panels made using a blend of natural and synthetic materials. The natural dips, contours, grooves, and texture resembles that of natural rock and thus gives a more realistic impression.

We don’t use the word custom lightly. We literally create custom rock water features in any size, shape, or color and even customize the plants and lighting that goes along with it.

Look no further than WaterfallNow when seeking out the absolute best in creating unique custom rock water features. Contact us today.

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Custom Indoor Outdoor Water Features


Want a unique completely custom hand-made and uniquely designed water feature specific to your desires? WaterfallNow puts a lot of careful planning and thought into each rock water feature that we create. WaterfallNow’s artificial rock waterfalls, rock fountains, retaining walls, or decorative rocks can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are lightweight and versatile enough to solve any commercial or residential renovation projects.

While there has been an increasing in popularity of miniature fountains that can be purchased online from Amazon or Ebay we don’t think it will be long until some people become bored of seeing the same generic water walls over and over again. Water walls are a very beautiful concept but limited in scope. Some people want something that is perhaps bigger, more colourful, unique, and that has a more life-like characteristic to it than cold-steel. WaterfallNow produces custom indoor outdoor water features that are unique, 100% custom hand-made on site.

Custom Indoor Outdoor Water Features

This is just a sample of what our custom indoor outdoor water features can look like

We spent a lot of time investigating ways to cater to the people described above and came up with the methods that we employ today. People want something that resonates with their style, is unique, and not something that someone else can simply buy from a store. The good news is that there is something that is far more interesting, more relaxing, and better sounding and that is what we offer to our clients with each water feature that we create. When compared to a small figurine type fountain or wall-mounted waterfall it is easy to see why our particular skillset is in such high demand.

If you are not a fan of white noise produced by the sound of water crashing down we can create a water feature designed for water to cascade down. Many of our clients enjoy the similar sound of a natural waterfall in their backyard. They sometimes become mini habitats that attract different animals and birds. With the proper landscaping and lighting these waterfalls become an exotic location for you and your family.

WaterfallNow caters to clients who want something that nobody else has, wants it first, and wants it big. What separates us from others in the water feature industry is the ability to cater to a very niche market as well as to the broader market of koi pond enthusiasts, home renovation experts, or just people that want to enjoy time spent in their own backyard. The experience that we’ve accumulated thus far can only improve our ability to serve you better. Our philosophy is to be proud of everything we do. We want to be proud of the smallest projects as much as the biggest projects. What matters most is that the owner of a custom-made waterfall that we create has a smile on their face and can enjoy all of the benefits that our services provide.

WaterfallNow’s team has many decades of landscaping experience. Although it is no longer our area of focus we do provide FREE garden consultations for all of our clients as well as low-cost basic landscaping just to go the extra mile. In a nutshell, what we require is your permission, a concept or idea, and we go to work to create something beautiful that you can enjoy for many years to come.

We sometimes receive phone calls from people thanking us for the work that we’ve done in their neighbors yard.

Receive a FREE no obligation quote for your own custom indoor outdoor water features today. Contact

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Benefits of Fiberglass Rocks

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You are perhaps wondering what are the benefits of fiberglass rocks? Most people don’t know the ups and downs of fiberglass vs concrete so we’ve added some insights below.

Fiberglass truly is a remarkable and revolutionary product.

Watch this man wack the boat at 1:15!!

I know what you are thinking. He hit the boat like a little girl!

The reason I shared this video was not to show that fiberglass is indestructible but to demonstrate that should someone have a little too much to drink and decides to kick, drive a car into, have a tree branch falls onto, or wail on with a pipe a fiberglass reinforced rock will still remain structurally intact. You would have to put some real effort into causing some damage. Minor holes or cracks caused by intentional blunt force can be remedied with a simple patch job. If you can punch a hole in one of our rock panels with your bare fist we will buy you a beer and pay for your medical fees.

How durable? Think…

Benefits of Fiberglass Rocks
Surprisingly durable

Other Benefits of Fiberglass Rocks

Long lasting, waterproof, corrosion resistant and non-conductive. It is an amazing product that can be molded into practically anything, giving design engineers unlimited possibilities in the ability to make long and sweeping contours, allowing for much more design freedom than metal or wood based structures can.

Because of ¬†these characteristics, fiberglass should be considered whenever there is a significant amount of fabrication to aluminum or stainless steel as often times a better part can be made at a lower or very competitive price with each molded part being¬†consistently¬†well within manufacturing tolerances. We have a keen awareness that price does affect a prospective client’s desires. WaterfallNow has received many thanks from former clients who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy such luxuries.

Fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal (pound for pound) and it will not rust ‚Äď perfect for outside use or in locations near water, especially salt water. Fiberglass is also resistive to corrosive chemicals, and, when made with special fire-retardant¬†resins, in the event of fire, your¬†products only char and do not burn up. Why is this relevant? Some people desire steel water features so it is worth noting this fact.

Resin is a lightweight,¬†durable, synthetic material made from recycled plastic.¬†It requires little maintenance¬†and it holds up well to outdoor use. Rain and snow won’t cause it to rot, chip and flake like certain paints, or rust like certain metals. It’s an excellent product to use for a water feature.¬† These fountains will blend wonderfully in your¬†water garden or as an indoor tabletop fountain.
  • Some reasons to consider Fiberglass over Concrete: Unfortunately concrete applications which look beautiful also come with some disadvantages for the unwary client. They may require a lot of maintenance to function efficiently and safely. Thinking of getting an over-hang for a spillover? You could be putting lives at risk with an overweight portion of concrete that does not have the proper reinforcement to support it.
  • If you are considering the differences between a fiberglass and concrete swimming¬† pool (something we don’t do but is worth noting) first consider the fact that concrete requires monthly professional cleaning to ensure that no algae can form along the walls. If you are the owner of a concrete pool you are already aware that after a decade you have spent anywhere from $14,000 to $18,000 purely on maintaining your pool properly. Failing to do so allows the germs, bacteria, and algae to breed in the porous concrete basin which makes for an unpleasant experience. Failing to keep up with regular maintenance can be a difficult issue to fund. The porous nature of concrete often requires having a gel coat layer to prevent the water from completely draining out.
    • Difference in weight may be a reason for considering a fiberglass rock feature over a concrete but it could also go the other way. Concrete applications are generally a permanent fixture meant to remain at that location. If you ever need to upgrade to something fresh, perhaps a different design, you will be destroying all or part of your existing waterfall.

  • With a more flexible approach (fiberglass), should you decide in the future to move the waterfall to another location we can do so and also add onto it. Our clients enjoy their waterfalls so much that some even requested us to move it to their new home and so we did. Something worthy of noting is that rock water features (whatever the method or substance of construction) tend to raise property value (landscaping).
  • WaterfallNow’s rock features operate in all 4 seasons. One common issue with concrete was the damage caused when rainwater seeped into a crack in a concrete application and upon expanding caused further damage to the concrete. This is known as freeze-thaw action which leads to deteriorating applications. Will this be an issue with a concrete rock? Possibly, unless you hire a professional that has mastered a special technique.

Benefits of Fiberglass Rocks

Sample photo of the effects of erosion on concrete. Fiberglass on the other hand does not erode from weather conditions nor does it crack. These are just a few more of the many benefits of fiberglass rocks.
    • Fiberglass rocks are much less labor intensive. While concrete applications can look very beautiful for outdoor applications they are generally not an ideal solution for indoor renovations if time does not permit. Construction of concrete applications often requires many laborers who must work quickly and be careful ensure the final product is fully functioning before curing. It can be a nightmare for a contractor who cannot understand why or where there is a fault if a concrete application is not running. Hire professionals with a great track record. As for fiberglass rocks, the individual rock panels are pre-made in a different location and brought on site where they are cut, bent, shaped, folded and patched together in a matter of days.
    • Cost Effectiveness due to lower costs for maintenance, labour, and warranty work.¬† A lighter and stronger product also results in lower costs for shipping and storage. Fiberglass is durable but it depends on what you need. Do you prefer cost effectiveness over the ability to kick or drive a car into a concrete rock application and not have it break? Most people simply want something that is aesthetically pleasing to watch and listen to at a good price. They don’t want the hassle of maintenance if left unchecked that will leave a water feature inoperable due to high cost. WaterfallNow’s fake, faux, or artificial rocks however you prefer to call them are very easy to maintain. Often times the only thing that requires updating is the water pump itself depending on the usage (can last 6-10 years). Want to customize the flow of water? We simply adjust the plumbing and type of pump.
    • Pond or Pondless is a choice and because we can relocate our custom artificial rock waterfalls they can be upgraded to attach onto an existing pond or moved to act as a pondless (hidden pond) waterfall. How does the water keep coming out and where is it going? Uh.. Magic.. No, actually it is just water cycled through a pump back to the spillover or to the top of the rock feature. We use EPDM rubber pond liner. The only way the water would leak is if someone intentionally cut a hole in the liner. If a hole is found it can be patched or a new liner can be placed over top.
    • Pound for Pound Fiberglass is roughly 17 times stronger than concrete.

Would you want a concrete feature this size put in your living space? I personally would. But what happens if you get tired of it and want to move it? Ref: jackhammer video.
Our rock waterfalls are so light they can even be placed on the back of a pickup!

Benefits of Fiberglass Rocks


On the other side we sometimeso work with concrete rock panels. Depending on the project at hand we can alternate between concrete paneling and fiberglass rocks. We like to use our fiberglass rocks to create unique designs but are flexible enough to do whatever the client desires.

About what we do: WaterfallNow uses a blend of natural and synthetic materials to create a strong outer layer which can promote the growth of algae on outdoor applications giving them a more natural look over time. The benefits of fiberglass rocks are many. We hand-craft the inner membrane which ensures structural stability of the final project. The popular consensus from the feedback that we receive is that custom rock waterfalls are a GREAT landscaping idea and most people want one. The issue is that most people cannot afford one. WaterfallNow wants not just to renovate high end luxury homes, hotels, and casinos but to give the everyday person a way to enjoy resort-like settings in their own personal living space or yard.

[Benefits of Fiberglass Rocks, Benefits of Fibreglass Rocks]

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