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Indoor Rock Waterfalls

Indoor Rock Waterfalls [WaterfallNow]

Whether you enjoy the soothing sounds of trickling water or an energizing torrent of rushing water we can work with you to design something spectacular. The indoor rock waterfalls created by WaterfallNow are unlike anything else in the market.These are not concrete that are stamped or carved nor are they made of styrofoam. Using a blend of natural and synthetic materials we create long-lasting, low-maintenance, unique and stunning creations that you can enjoy for many years.

We have been practicing the creation of custom-made indoor rock waterfalls for many years with many satisfied clients throughout the Lower Mainland. Our skill and expertise in designing realistic indoor rock waterfalls along with competitive pricing means that you as a client are getting the best.

Our clientele is very wide-ranging from commercial to residential, indoors and outdoors. Whether you are the owner of a resort that would like something custom-made for your waiting areas or someone looking to renovate their home we can provide you with what you need.

No two projects are ever completely alike. We begin with hand-made rock panels that are patched together to form the final shape. Unlike pieces of Lego which are fixed, our rock panels are all cut, bent, and folded to fit the desired shape. The final result is something that is often hard to tell apart from the real thing and look especially nice blended with exotic plants and trees, special lighting, and fog generating equipment.

Any shape, size, colour, place we can do it all. Would you like to know how you can get your own custom rock water feature? Give us a call. We are also always open to forming mutually beneficial business relationships.

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We build waterwall features that stand out and gets compliments.

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