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Spending Quality Holiday Family Time This Christmas In Surrey

Spending Quality Holiday Family Time This Christmas In Surrey

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As the Christmas holiday season approaches, many families are looking for more ways to spend time together.

Slow Down To Speed up

Many people will finally be getting time off from work and school in the coming weeks. These weeks are precious! Here are  some tips to reflect, have a good time, and strengthen our relationships – or renew some old ones. Did you know that the chance of getting a heart attack is highest on Mondays? Resting is just as important as working hard during the holidays.

Remove Distractions

Turn off the cell phones, TV, and other devices that distract your attention away from those around you. Very seldom do people truly connect with eachother in our current time. People hear eachother out but rarely listen to what the other person is really trying to say. This is the one time of the year that we should be most observant of not only our relationships with others but with ourselves as well.

Relationships Make Us Human

Relationships are strongest not just when people spend time together but when they are consciously spending quality time. We all spend time at work surrounded by other people. Why is it that some relationships are stronger than others? I believe it is because we make the extra effort to reach out to those people. Some relationships happen merely because of an introduction. Be braver by reach out to more people than you normally would and you should start to see new relationships form all around you.

Spending quality family time even if for one moment can radically change the course of the rest of ones life. This could mean someone taking the initiative and reminding their loved ones how they really feel – things that we often take for granted.

It is a shame to see this in our culture but many families only spend time together during the holidays. There are many advantages to spending quality time such as an increased sense of belonging and better communication. The positive impact that this time can have on childrens development is enormous especially towards their sense of belonging, values, and beliefs. Some ideas to spend time together include going for walks together, playing outdoors, going for a hike, baking, shopping, or sharing stories with family members. These are things that can be done year-round.

The Greatest Gift Of All Is You

People often say one thing but mean another or don’t know what they truly want and need someone to show them. We feel that the greatest gift that you can give someone during the holidays is the gift of time with family. WaterfallNow hopes everyone will close out 2014 with a bang by strengthening relationships with those around them ready to move into the new year.

Remember, spending quality time is not just reserved for the holidays. It is something that should be done not because you have to but because you want to. 

Have a happy and safe holiday season.


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