EasyPro SSS35 Vianti Falls Stainless Steel Waterfall Spillways

EasyPro SSS23 Vianti Falls Stainless Steel Waterfall Spillway, 35.5-Inch Wide, 2-Inch Lip
  • Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 90.2 x 15.2 cm ; 4.8 Kg

EasyPro SSS23 Vianti Falls Stainless Steel Waterfall Spillway, 23.5-Inch Wide, 2-Inch Lip

  • Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 59.7 x 15.2 cm ; 3.1 Kg

EasyPro SSS23 Vianti Falls Stainless Steel Waterfall Spillway, 11.5-Inch Wide, 2-Inch Lip

  • Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 29.2 x 14.6 cm ; 1.7 Kg

Constructed with stainless steel. Superior strength and quality to all other makes and models. The open design resists clogging from debris or hard water build up over time. Well-suited to harsh and clean water systems either indoors or outdoors. Rated for ten gallons per minute flow per foot of width single 1″ inlet in back wall.

Separate color changing or single color LED light strips can be attached onto the spillways for added effect.

An inner baffle calms water prior to flowing off the lip. This creates an even, smooth flow over the lip.

This product is ideal for formal features, signs, retaining walls, and swimming pool features

It is actually available in six different sizes ranging from 11 1/2″ to 71 1/2″

Additional products you will need include pond liner, a kit with basin, pump, lighting, plumbing.


Beautifully Crafted Feb. 23 2015
By Carrie Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
These high-quality spillways are worth every penny, and look AMAZING, whether embedded in a wall, or right out in the open. We installed one at each end of a 1500 gallon L-shaped koi pond. The water flows SO smoothly and evenly over these spillways… simply flawless. The sound level they produce is just right. I love everything about these, and glad we made the investment. The seller was extremely helpful when I asked installation questions, and very quick to respond. That is added value that goes a long way!
Long term addition to my pond that I love! July 22 2014
By T. Landstad Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
Fantastic add to my pond. The fact that it is stainless means I can leave it out all year. Spillway is smooth and nice! Once every few weeks I doo need to wipe it down as algae residue can build up (even though I have a filtration system) – but that is not caused by the spillway and cleanup is a snap.
Excellent design, very well made Dec 3 2014
By GinaBrown Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
The only spillway I will use for my customers. Excellent design, very well made, and high quality materials make this a must have for all of our waterfalls

LED Weirs, And Waterfall Spillway Ideas

Waterfall Weirs (also called waterfall spillways and descent waterfalls) are a simple yet elegant way to decorate your yard.

Here is a sample video of a waterfall spillway using a stainless steel product made in North America.

Waterfall spillways ideas and possibilities are endless. They can be used in a wide variety of places – even built into the roof shown in this example.

Water sheers and weirs are typically made from metal such as stainless steel, from acrylic, plastic, or fiberglass. It is highly recommended to find one that comes with built-in LED lighting as this is what gives them that amazing look. Newer models offer brighter lighting effects that can be seen during the daytime as well and that much more spectacular at night. Remote controlled waterfall kits are available at various pond supply shops and manufacturers. They can also be found on Amazon or Ebay with free shipping.

Need advice for installation? How-to (DIY) videos are readily available online to assist you in decorating your new design. Whether you plan to add a waterfall to a commercial property, backyard pool, or even indoors, the waterfall spillway is a compliment magnet producing great sound and ambiance throughout.

WaterfallNow carries a selection of waterfall weirs with interchangeable LED including RGB with remote. Email for a quote or send photos of your project for some free waterfall spillway ideas.