Rock Waterfall Ideas For Backyard Renovation Projects

Lately I’ve been fascinated with the website If you aren’t familiar with this website, it is one of the most popular sites along with Pinterest where homeowners, and contractors go to gather ideas, connect with others in the industry, and share their work.

Here are several rock solid ideas that may help you decide on what type of waterfall water feature you personally prefer.

This is a popular photo that many people have expressed interest in. It has been built to compliment and blend the surrounding landscape to create a natural effect. I really admire projects where the landscaper took the effort to make things as natural as possible.
While some people prefer the insane overhangs that can be achieved using faux or fake rocks, this method is very cool and I think it would look even nicer with the addition of custom lighting colors. Overall an impressive job with great attention paid to detail and no stone out of place.
Rustic Landscape by Portland Landscape Contractors Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
This is a great shot with a beautiful natural stone waterfall. The two larger boulders alongside the spillway combined with a well designed lip makes for an impressive sight. I can only imagine how nice this particular waterfall sounds. This double tiered feature would definitely create a very relaxing sound. I would highly recommend this design to someone looking to add a waterfall to their koi pond or for a new pond construction.
The oxygenation and circulation that these kinds of water features adds to the pond also helps to slow the growth of algae which many pond owners can tell you has saved them many dollars in maintenance.
Contemporary Landscape by Woodinville Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Classic Nursery & Landscape Co. / Alan Burke, asla
There are many people (myself included) that are blown away by larger man-made waterfalls. However, smaller water features that were created by landscapers with extra attention to detail can be just as stunning. The addition of this small waterfall feature changes up what would have been just an ordinary space into something special. Imagine sitting out on your patio just enjoying the sounds of a soothing fountain in your garden…
Pondless waterfalls are picking up in popularity and for good reason. Many homeowners are embracing the DIY (do-it-yourself) movement, perhaps inspired by their favourite gardening shows on TV, and tackling some of their own projects. I’m sure you that are reading this hate the idea of having to pull rocks out of the pond, cleaning the pond out, then putting the rocks back in and so forth. If you are a landscaper being paid to maintain it I feel your pain.
As an aside, should you decide to create your first waterfall using natural stone I highly recommend studying The Pond Digger on YouTube. He has shared many tutorials online to help home owners and contractors alike what to expect and some tips to get the most of a pond project.
Tropical Pool by Florence Pools & Spas Shehan Pools
The guys over at Shehan are amazing and have taught us a lot about what it takes to make clients dreams become a reality. From using shotcrete to other faux rock materials, they are masters at creating custom waterfalls which also compliment their specialization in pools. Check out their website to view some of their award winning projects and brainstorm more ideas.
Have a great weekend and happy landscaping

Build a Backyard Waterfall

Are you looking to build a backyard waterfall? WaterfallNow is experienced in creating beautiful water features for clients that want to enhance their outdoor living areas. We provide a unique touch to each project that leaves our clients happy and not worrying about constant maintenance.

Are you looking to DIY? There is an endless supply of information on how to build a backyard waterfall on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and is an excellent source of information and new ideas.

I know you want to build a backyard waterfall but doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many resources available online to show you how you can build your own water features.

While reviewing some information and actually building a waterfall feature are two separate things, with some experience, you too can enjoy the relaxing sounds of running water. Need help coming up with some ideas? Feel free to email us a photo of your project to receive some consultation (778)-788-8603.

There are many low-cost methods available to people who want to create their own water feature.

WaterfallNow specializes in a blend of natural and synthetic materials such as fiberglass, and other natural minerals to create a long-lasting exterior.

For the everyday handyman however, the beauty of using natural pond rocks and stone slabs is that they are so easy to use that anyone can create their own water features just the way they want. You just need a shovel, variety of different shapes of rocks, spray foam, pond liner, hose or tube for plumbing, pump, and you can create your own water sheer if you like. This is very simple to do and almost anyone can create a smaller waterfall in their own garden. You might also want to incorporate some pond lighting, remote switch, mist/fog machines and so forth. The possibilities are endless. Contact us

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