Artificial glowing desktop jellyfish. Custom hand-made in any design.  For the jellyfish enthusiast. No feeding and easy maintenance. Eye-catching decorations for hotels, restaurants, and waiting areas in low-lit environments.

To request information on our handmade jellies email or
We have a minimum order requirement that varies from customer to customer.

Send us a photo or sketch of what you’d like your jellyfishes to look like including dimensions and colors.

For specific designs please email us and we will develop something to suit your needs.

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Glowing Jellyfish

Desktop Jellyfish

Artificial Jellyfish

Comments (10)

  1. cesar cortez

    Love your work. Jellyfish look so real. I wanted to get a mini aquarium for my desk at work and put a few of your creations in there. This is nice. What is the cost? I like what I saw on the first video with the music. I live in California. Thanks.

  2. Ethan Feirstein

    Is your Artificial glowing desktop jellyfish available? What are dimensions and price?

  3. If you are interested in purchasing a jellyfish aquarium please email

    Right now we are only taking wholesale orders with a minimum of 30 units as it takes us time to produce.
    We can supply as many as you need if there is enough demand.

    Currently we only plan to sell in Canada and other parts of the world with the exception of the USA.

  4. Jaisa Stanley

    Around how much for 3 jellyfish without the tank and can you make them look like Moon Jellyfish?

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