March 10, 2014 WaterfallNow

Indoor Water Wall Fountains

WaterfallNow has been in the business of creating or distributing pre-made hand-made indoor water wall fountains for many years.

indoor water wall fountains

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The wide-range of experience having worked with many clients throughout the Lower Mainland helps us to seamlessly tackle any challenges in design.

New houses and commercial developments are springing up everywhere and more people are looking for that ‘thing’ to make their home extra special. After all, what is a luxury property without a beautiful showcase water feature?

There are many different types of indoor water fountains and water features in the marketplace. Many of these can be purchased online at a considerable rate from Ebay or Amazon. Some choices include: Table-top, stand-alone, wall-mounted, rain curtain, horizontal waterway spillovers, vertical water walls. There are also a wide range of materials ranging from stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, copper, basalt, marble, concrete, fiberglass, glass, acrylic, and more.

These stunning features are a focal point of every interior design renovation. They add ambiance to the room as well as and help to reduce stress. These low-maintenance water features can be added to virtually any room in the house and take up very little space.

WaterfallNow keeps its hands in the production aspect of things by collaborating directly with all clients from start to finish.

WaterfallNow’s water feature specialist Moses Yoon has many years of experience in creating indoor water wall fountains.

Each of our indoor water wall fountains are specially designed to add instant value and leave a lasting impression on your guests. WaterfallNow creates each of the indoor water wall fountains and water features with just as much attention to detail from one to the next. With an unlimited number of custom options to choose from, there is no limit to what you can have done.

We offer some of the most affordable rates due to the fact that we work with very small-sized teams. For the same amount WaterfallNow provides something larger, custom designed, and truly beautiful.

From concept to completion WaterfallNow works efficiently creatively to design the perfect water feature for each client’s unique wants. Indoor water wall fountains are visually appealing works of art.

WaterfallNow’s waterwalls yields improved long-term value, service, and customer satisfaction than the alternatives. We specialize in creating custom water features and also supply premade inventory at cost pricing for budget applications.

Thinking about installing an indoor water feature and want to go all out? You will find that it is well worth the investment to have something custom-designed just for you.

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We build waterwall features that stand out and gets compliments.

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    How would we know the price and availability. would like to buy one.

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