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Indoor Water Features

WaterfallNow has created many indoor water features for clients throughout Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver and surrounding areas.

When we started out searching for ways to create custom works of art that could be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors we did what most people do which is learn traditional methods. Concrete, styrofoam, natural rock formations, sprays, and paneling systems were all a part of the learning experience. As we began working with builders we began to notice that there was an untapped market for custom indoor water features in Vancouver and for the rest of BC in general.

indoor water feature

That realization resulted in a search for less traditional and uncommon methods of creating outdoor and indoor water features. Many of the strategies learned from some of the largest global producers of artificial rock waterfalls in South Korea and abroad are employed by WaterfallNow. It is simple, cost-effective, and generally a good idea. The real challenge lies in the ability to solve problems and create works of art that are visually appealing as well as pleasing to the ear. Our natural ability and experience which was honed over the years has enabled us to create 100% custom created water features that can go virtually anywhere.

We believe the attractions that people will talk about most are those that are not just beautiful but also rare, uncommon, unique, and something that almost everyone wishes they had. While the fact remains that not everyone will be able to partner with us, WaterfallNow does attempt to cater to as wide a client base as it can. Whether you enjoy the white noise provided by a waterfall to drown out the sound of traffic or the trickling sounds of water just know that everything we do is 100% custom hand-made. You can choose the colors, lighting effects, fog, mist, plantation and so forth. Perhaps you just want something that most people will enjoy? We got you covered.

Are you planning for something unique to enhance your next renovation project? Why not learn how you can partner with us to create a beautiful indoor water feature or custom outdoor garden waterfall? BBQ season is just around the corner and it would be unfortunate if we were too busy to serve you in time. Call 604-724-4008 or 778-788-8603 for a FREE estimate and to book a date for your own custom indoor water feature.

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