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Google Adwords For Small Business

Are you looking for ways to promote your business online using Google Adwords? Using Google Adwords for small business can be effective or a waste of your money.

In order to help clients find WaterfallNow we’ve tested out several ad campaigns using Google Adwords. We are seeing better returns on investment from Google Adwords than from any other form of acquiring new clients that we’ve tried in the past. We still use other methods in our current marketing formula. When we first started using Adwords our ratio was much less because we did not do proper keyword research.

Google Adwords has been a very effective tool for finding targeted clients that need exactly what we offer. The time that it cost to learn how to use it correctly was worth it but you could always outsource the responsibility of managing a campaign to someone with experience. Overall we highly recommend using Google Adwords for small business.

Some common search terms that we’ve used in our ads (roughly 750 keywords plus geo-modified keywords)

– Pool water features

– Fountains indoor & outdoor

– Artificial rock waterfall

– Outdoor patio fountain

– Pool water feature

– Artificial rock walls

If you aren’t good with computers, keyword optimization, or Google Adwords then consider outsourcing someone who knows how to get results.


Google Adwords Express

Personally I avoid this because you can get much better results using Google Adwords.

Adwords Express is hit and miss much like it would be to post something on Craigslist.

Your audience is wide-ranging and it is unclear why your ad shows up for someone who wasn’t looking for what you have to offer.

To simplify that if someone was to use Google Adwords and spend time on keyword research they could get a a high conversion rate because what the customer was searching for is what they found with the ad.

On the other hand, using Adwords Express which doesn’t allow you to modify specific locations, demographics, cost per click, and optimize your keywords means you are paying Google to attract more window shoppers rather than buyers.

This is a video that you may find helpful to introduce you to some tweaks you can make using Google Adwords. 

WhiteSpark.ca is a helpful tool for help ranking your business. $20 a month gives you access to a directory listing where you can input your business information to appear more frequently.


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