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Custom Water Feature Designs

Each one of WaterfallNow’s water features and waterfalls starts off as an idea that produces spectacular results. Using various methods we are able to seamlessly blend each custom water feature. Unlike concrete or natural rock applications that are limited in size and texture (usually stamped), our hand-made artificial rock panels come with great detail and design that are difficult to mimic otherwise.


We start out by selecting the right rock panels for the location. Once that is sorted out we begin cutting and shaping the fake rock panels to create the water feature. The resulting custom water feature designs are generally something difficult to tell apart from the real thing. The texture, dips, and natural contours of the outer shell are difficult to mimic using concrete applications. We prefer to use this method not only because of the versatility but also because of the problems that we were noticing with concrete applications (mainly cracking due to freeze-thaw and temperature issues).

The majority of waterfall projects that WaterfallNow has worked on up until now are pondless waterfalls. Should you have an existing pond we will be able to include our rocks as an add-on feature. While we have many years of experience in traditional landscaping we now specialize primarily in the creation of custom rock water features. We can still assist you as the owner in finding the right people to accomplish all of your renovation needs. This includes and is not limited to hiring people to build you a (koi) pond.

custom water feature designs

There is virtually no limit to the level of creativity that one can have. Our biggest projects have yet to be seen. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for custom water feature designs or are just looking for some design ideas in the Lower Mainland area.

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We build waterwall features that stand out and gets compliments.

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