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b&b truss waterfallCustom Waterfall at B&B Truss, Surrey, BC

Vision Statement

We intend to become a well recognized name and the standard from which excellence is based on. The confidence in our brand will be reflected by our active involvement in the communities we operate in and give back to. We will set the industry standard from which all subsequent work will be measured. We aim to change the common conceptions of contractors through complete transparency and a customer-based approach to both eliminate doubt and inspire total trust.

Mission Statement

WaterfallNow is BC’s reliable source of custom-built artificial rock waterfalls and water features. Our passion for landscaping and crafting unique art forms from a variety of different materials is manifest in every water feature that we build. Our aim is to create special paradises around the globe where people come to gather and share in the company of others. We believe that home owners should be proud of their yards which are a private sanctuary to celebrate or relax and unwind. WaterfallNow is also dedicated to setting a high standard for fellow contractors and entrepreneurs to follow and will establish a culture to reflect that. We will support those key initiatives and causes that reflect our values and donate our time to worthy causes. When it comes to our philosophy, we hope to inspire the belief in others that when you help enough other people, you will in turn have everything that you want.

Core Values

A commitment to being mindful of the impact our actions will have on the environment not just as a corporate entity but also as individuals in our daily lives.

A commitment to being customer-focused through fair dealings, trust, integrity, respect, and never compromising our core values for the sake of short-term gain.

A commitment to improving the communities in which we operate and growing along-side them.

What We Do

WaterfallNow creates custom waterfalls for all clients. Using a blend of natural and synthetic materials, we are able to create waterfalls in virtually any size, shape, design, or color. We manufacture these rocks at our local shop by hand. We then cut, bend, and shape the rocks according to the design layout.

The versatility of fiberglass rocks (faux, imitation, mock, fake) allows us to make changes on the fly.

We have experience building waterfalls out of concrete and shotcrete (GFRC). The results were good but the home owners were not happy with the flat and blatant man-made texture. They wanted something that resembled the set of Jurassic Park. While we thought we did a good job, it was clear that in order to make our clients happy, we needed to make a change. Also, there are already hundreds of other companies employing shotcrete so we figured we should instead pursue an untapped market.

Fiberglass, Faux, Fake, Rock

Naturally, we did some research and came to the conclusion that we should start using fiberglass rocks. Styrofoam and plastic were too fragile while concrete tended to crack during the winter from freeze-thaw action. Fiberglass was the perfect solution. It wasn’t going to be easy. It was not like we could just hire someone to come work for us on a whim. Working with custom fiberglass materials and products takes time to understand and get used to – especially if you’ve never used it before. So we accepted the fact that we would be doing most of the work ourselves. That is something that we are content with because we enjoy the opportunity to create these creations that put a smile on our clients faces.

Many people who have ever worked with fiberglass knows how irritating the fine particles can be (many times finer than a strand of hair). Many years of experience working in a custom fiberglass environment and creating different style rocks just as a hobby has become our passion. We’ve embraced the process of creating artificial rocks that share the textures found on real rock waterfalls (not just a pile of rubble). We are always open to the possibilities of working on major projects that will give us another opportunity to build something big. When it comes to waterfalls, bigger is better, and our artificial rocks make anything possible.

Different types of fiberglass

Buyer Beware

We enjoy creating large works of art with our hands. Decades of landscaping will do that to a person. When we see a project that we would like to work on, we capitalize on it. Working with a very small crew, we have the ability to professionally design each project on time and on budget. We don’t send a grunt to do what our clients paid for a professional to do. We’ve all heard horror stories of homeowners who paid a contractor that:

1. Took the money and ran,

2. Did an incomplete job, (most likely because they underbid) or

3. Bit off more than they could chew

The story ends with the homeowner tired of hearing stories about why the project hasn’t been moving, seeing multiple plans to enjoy their new project in their yard vanish, and having to hire someone else to redo everything costing them money and time that they won’t get back.

We recommend just as common practice to get 3 separate quotes, check for references, test their level of integrity, and form a relationship with the contractor. Many times it is a responsibility of the home owner to do their due dilligence and ask to see samples. Recently there have been many companies that don’t display photos of their own projects on their website. It’s important to verify this before paying a deposit and discovering that you will have to hire someone else. While WaterfallNow doesn’t have many photos, we put up what we have done recently. Photos from our old domain at rockywaterfall.com which expired due to poor communication from a web hosting company are all but gone.

The Power Of Referrals

One of the reasons why referrals work so well for us is because our clients already know how easy it is to work with us.  Without them, we would not be where we are at now.

We eliminate the stresses and doubts that other clients working with other contractors face because we take the time to listen. On large projects we document what is being done on paper, video, and with photos. We have a system that makes every project seamless. The madness may not look like much until you’ve seen the final product.

We don’t believe in complicating things. Rather, we simplify to get the same result. The warranty that we provide is till we die.

Custom Waterfalls, Fountains, Water Walls, Bubble Walls, Rain Curtains, And Water Features

Custom waterfalls are our specialty. We’ve built waterfalls for pools, commercial projects, residential properties, gardens, homes, and more. What we enjoy most is the fact that our clients are pleased with what we’ve built for them without costing a fortune. There is a very big difference between a fountain purchased off Ebay that was mass produced vs something custom-built according to our clients direct needs. Where we shine is in the design and installation of the larger waterfall projects with resort-like qualities. We also provide custom water walls for those seeking a more modern look for their indoor decor.

The first step usually begins with an initial consultation where we meet and discover the options together. It usually helps if the client has done some research on what they would like to have and can share that with us. This lets us know what the client prefers or is aware of. We can then explore other possibilities that the client may not have been aware of. From there, the transformation process can begin.

Pool Waterfalls

We build custom waterfalls that will fit right alongside your pool or in close proximity. In some cases we will even work with the custom pool builder to compliment their existing pool and waterfall.

From what we’ve seen around town, virtually every large waterfall project is accompanied by a custom pool. There are many custom pool builders that create beautiful projects. The unforeseen maintenance left up to the homeowner however leaves many wondering why they didn’t do more research. Again it helps to get multiple quotes because you will learn something new from each contractor.

There is no sadder sight than to see your children unable to play in a pool that was just built a couple of months ago because it has a crack, poor seal, or the foundation was not properly set.

At least for Vancouver residents, many of the custom pool builders (who mainly use concrete) also create water features using shotcrete. This is often all done in combination from the initial design to completion. However, there are also times when a home owner has moved into a home with a pool but no water feature but desparately wants one to enjoy in the summer. In such situations, we are more than happy to come have a look and draw up a design.

Pond Waterfalls

We add waterfalls that are safe for koi fish ponds. These help to oxygenate the pond and reduce algal blooms while providing a relaxing atmosphere.

As an aside, we carry a selection of pond pumps that you can purchase at a much lower price than those found at most local shops. They are quiet, long-lasting if properly maintained, and you can save 50% or more. We also provide a variety of custom lighting options to really give your custom waterfall an amazing look at night when they look their best. Virtually anything you want or can find online, just give us time in advance and we will locate the nearest dealer and have that custom item brought in for your project.

Landscaping, Gardening, Backyard Makeovers, And Outdoor Renovations

Landscaping  is now something that we sparsely do ourselves even though it is something that we enjoy doing. The only trouble is that there are already enough landscapers. We wanted to be unique and provide a service, just in a different way. These days we have other experienced landscapers fulfill those projects so that we can focus on what we do best.