February 13, 2015 WaterfallNow

Water walls: Maintenance & Repairs

Looking for a custom water wall maintenance specialist? You’ve come to the right page!

Moses Yoon (Owner of WaterfallNow) has many years of experience designing, building, repairing and servicing waterwalls, bubblewalls, fountains and custom water features. Currently we only provide maintenance on features we build ourselves. Water features built by others often require demolition and rebuilding as the parts are usually defective and not built to last more than a few years.

You can reach us at: [email protected]

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On-site visit or online consultation.

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Custom Water Feature Design + Render

Custom water features are a lifetime investment. We can assist you with photorealistic mock ups and concepts to help visualize any type of custom water feature even if the space has not yet been constructed

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Custom Water Feature Shop Detail Drawings & Engineering

Shop detail drawings for rough-in and permit applications containing dimensions, materials, electrical, plumbing, drainage, mechanical filtration, submersible/in-line pump housing, pond, manifold, waterline, and more

Order detail drawings >>HERE<<

After initial discussion by email you may send some photos of the feature, upper reservoir, lower basin, pump model details, and mechanical room (if applicable) and details of requested services.

Providing consultations on list of repair requirements from urgent to least urgent along with a breakdown of costs

– Unclogging stone, glass, tile, and stainless mesh waterwall spillways
– Onsite mig/tig welding, fiberglassing, and
– Worn concrete and membrane demolition
– New waterproof membrane installation (liquid, torch on, gel coat, stainless, etc)
– Commercial fountain maintenance contracts
– Annual fountain, pond, water garden, and waterfall cleanings
– Pond pump, submersible pump repair, servicing, replacement, and installs
– Demolition, cementitious parge coat and commercial waterproofing water features
– Sealing leaks and cracks in concrete surfaces
– Repair of LED lighting, electrical wiring, autofillers, uv filters, autofill, filters
– Redesign, fabrication, testing, and installation of critical components if original parts are damaged, broken, inefficient, or nonfunctional

* Be careful who you hire. Some contractors can do more harm than good. In some cases the damage may be irreversible (e.g. internal components and plumbing damaged by the use of corrosive water additives and damage to other critical components) and may cause significant property damage.

  • We reserve the right to refuse difficult customers, projects that were abandoned, or features built by inexperienced contractors.


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