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Wall Fountains: Maintenance & Repairs

Serving the Lower Mainland, BC.
Have a leak, maintenance requirement, or need a new pond pump? Can’t seem to get a hold of your current contractor?
Being a smaller industry, I will help you to locate the original builder of your water feature.
If unable to do so, I will attempt to diagnose the issues and offer a solution.

Fire off an email

778-788-8603 – rockywaterfall@gmail.com

– Commercial fountain maintenance contracts
– Annual fountain, pond, water garden, and waterfall cleanings
– Pool fountain tune up & cleaning
– Pond pump, submersible pump repair, servicing, replacement, and installs
– Waterproofing water fountains (commercial)
– Sealing leaks and cracks in concrete surfaces
– Repair of nay LED lighting, electrical wiring, autofillers, uv filters, in water features.


  • For non-customers. Minimum $500 per call charge, $195/hour, plus parts and taxes extra.
  • For existing customers. Free if covered under our warranty or $175/hour.

Call for a fast response on commercial and residential fountain, pond, water feature, water wall, and waterfall repair concerns.


We provide maintenance repairs and servicing for fountains and water features that we built for our customers.

If the feature was built by another company then we would not be able to provide servicing or warranties with a few exceptions.



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