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Wall Fountains: Maintenance & Repairs

Looking for a custom water wall maintenance specialist? You’ve come to the right page!
moses yoon
Moses Yoon (Owner of WaterfallNow) has many years of experience designing, building, repairing and servicing waterwalls, bubblewalls, fountains and custom water features. He is usually busy during weekdays doing installations by himself or with his crew and reserves maintenance calls for weekends.

Moses has built custom waterfalls since 2004 using virtually every material you can think of and has designed and tested hundreds of variations of water features components. If you have a water feature in need of thorough monthly or annual servicing you may attempt to book him for a service call using the following information.

Moses has a vast amount of knowledge of the custom water features industry and close relationships with owners of other companies and their works. He is also familiar with the pros and cons of different component designs as well as ways to improve their function. In his spare time he is often designing, fabricating, or installing custom water features!

WaterfallNow provides flexible pricing options for property management and development companies under subcontract for ongoing maintenance contracts.

Moses Yoon – water features specialist

778-788-8603 (leave a message)


Email photos of the feature, upper reservoir, lower basin, pump model details, and mechanical room (if applicable). You can also outline previous scope of work carried out by maintenance staff along with the address. We will provide a flat rate fee. The average maintenance call for water wall features lasts 3-5 hours depending on how long it has been between cleanings. We also offer rebuilds, remodeling, repairs, and renovations of existing water features.

– Unclogging stone, glass, tile, and stainless mesh waterwall spillways
– Onsite mig/tig welding, fiberglassing, and liquid membrane installation
– Providing feasible consultation on list of repair requirements from urgent to least urgent along with a breakdown of costs
– Commercial fountain maintenance contracts
– Annual fountain, pond, water garden, and waterfall cleanings
– Pool fountain tune up & cleaning
– Pond pump, submersible pump repair, servicing, replacement, and installs
– Demolition, cementitious parge coat and commercial waterproofing water features
– Sealing leaks and cracks in concrete surfaces
– Repair of LED lighting, electrical wiring, autofillers, uv filters, autofill, filters
– Redesign, fabrication, testing, and installation of critical components if original parts are damaged, broken, inefficient, or nonfunctional
– Our work is guaranteed or we will refund your money back 100%
Be careful who you hire. Some contractors can do more harm than good. In some cases the damage may be irreversible (e.g. internal components and plumbing damaged by the use of corrosive water additives and damage to other critical components).

  • Onsite consultations for commercial water features are free
  • General: Minimum $475 per call charge, $195/hour, plus parts and taxes extra.
  • Custom waterfalls that we build have a lifetime warranty. Additional servicing and maintenance due to everyday use are $175/hr or flat rate for ongoing service contracts with minimum charge.
  • We reserve the right to refuse difficult customers, projects that were abandoned, or features built by inexperienced contractors. In the past we provided tens of thousands of hours worth of troubleshooting (unpaid hours) for contractors, homeowners, and other water features companies having issues with their indoor and outdoor waterwall projects. We now spend our time helping those that the right in working with us from the start. We may offer some advice via email but nothing significant that would distract us from more important work.

We diagnose or provide estimates for repairs and servicing via email, facetime, and video conference call to limit in-person visits.

Due to Covid-19, travel is limited to British Columbia (including Victoria Island and smaller islands) and Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton).

Maintenance is typically carried out by 1 or 2 persons depending on the size of the feature.

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