Water Jet Laminar

Water jet laminars are very cool turning an ordinary pool into something extraordinary. The video doesn’t do it justice. They look spectacular at night. WaterfallNow carries a selection of water jet laminars. Colour changing RGB are our best sellers.

Like the video says, the only limits are your imagination.

Also check out this cool DIY homemade water jet laminar.

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$500 + Install

Discounts for larger quantities.

These jumping jets are great for pools as you can see in the demo above. They can be set to a timer and programmed to show different lighting. WaterfallNow supplies pool companies as well as home owners with the laminar jet product.

Need a simple yet beautiful water feature for your custom pool? Send us an email ([email protected]) with the quantity and color settings preferred and we will give you the best price in Canada.

If you or someone you know has a pool and wants to buy one of these LED water jet fountains have them contact us and request a demo.

WaterfallNow provides over 1000 different water features related products. Send us an email to receive further details.