March 31, 2014 WaterfallNow

Rock Column Fountains

WaterfallNow can create custom hand-made ‘rock column fountains’ but using concrete or fibreglass materials. While the majority of our requests comes from clients seeking luxury resort style waterfalls in their backyards from time to time we like to switch things up.

Here is a sample of something we did many years ago just to try it out. We can of course use different fountainheads, lighting techniques or shapes depending on the requests that we receive. A common request that we receive is for fog/mist or bubblers fountains. We are not too busy to help you with your smaller renovation needs.

Sample custom fibreglass rock column fountains

There are many ways to decorate your yard. Depending on the cost of your time you may even want to consider some do it yourself options. Here is one video that you might find useful for creating your own basalt column fountain. WaterfallNow uses a different technique partly because our method allows for more customization in terms of size but also in terms of the types of fountainhead or lighting attachments that can be installed.

Here is a DIY (Do it yourself) method for those creative types

If you’ve ever created your own water features in the past then you know how much fun it can be – or frustrating. Most stone or rock column fountains are very simple to construct. There are many versions including the most common which is mass produced. This would be real rock drilled up the middle. The only real challenge is in transporting them from one place to another often due to their massive weight.

Here is a sample of a real basalt stone pillar fountain by a company in the US. This one weighs almost 2000 pounds according to the description. WaterfallNow does not employ this method but instead uses our own fibreglass rock panels which we cut, bend, and shape into unique sizes with different lighting or fountainheads. We like all methods but our ultimate goal is to do what our client likes best.

If you would like to learn more about getting some information on a custom rock column fountain get in touch with us. WaterfallNow can send someone over to provide you with a free friendly consultation. If you are open to it, we can also provide you with alternative options. This is to ensure that you will be happy with the final decision and not wish you went with something else instead.

We can work within your ideal budget limits. Our clients are typically those who have paid off everything from their home, car, and all other expenses – owning everything outright. They request our services as an addition to enhance their lifestyle making it extra luxurious.

We typically receive requests for something eye-catching and awe inspiring. We love working with these clients because they make our promise to deliver excellence that much more achievable. We still cater to clients who want to start small, not too small, but small.

We cannot promise miracles for delivering on all of the smaller projects due to budgeting & time constraints of our own but should we get a request will still consider it. WaterfallNow ultimately wants to be in a position where we can provide every new home with one of our amazing garden water features.

Drop us a line. We want to know what you think.

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