March 21, 2015 WaterfallNow

Optical Water Jet LED

LED Lighted Optical Water Jet – Laminar Flow Water Jet

laminar water jet fountain

optical water jet

Beautiful total internal reflection of blue light in a circle water jet. A jet of water “traps” light, just like an optical fiber.

These connect to a 1500gph pump which is enough pressure to shoot the water up 8′ high while maintaining the clear glass appearance (also depends on the angle used). The light moves from the waterjet LED source all way to the touching down splashing spot without loosing much light. The effects are far more noticeable at night in dimmer conditions.

The LED optical water jet comes with a preinstalled 5W LED light which runs on AC 12V low voltage. You can choose to have color changing lights, white, blue, green, red, yellow, purple and more. The waterjet itself needs no electric power to propel the arc of water. The angle can be adjusted and timers can be installed to program different effects.

More expensive lines such as the OASE are programmable and can rotate on a multi axis to create stunning visual effects.



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