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Indoor Water Feature Benefits

Indoor Water Feature Benefits

Indoor water features have always been a desired component of custom built homes. The indoor water features available to home owners to date come in many choices of sizes, styles, colors and materials. There are miniature water features for office desks, logo water features for corporations, wall mounted waterfalls used in lawyers and doctors offices and of course commercial scale waterfalls for luxury resorts.

Indoor water features are a beautiful and effective way to enjoy the comforting sounds of water in your home while adding style to your interior décor. The wide variety of indoor water features available online can help you find one to match your style. You don’t need a garden to enjoy a water feature. They can be enjoyed indoors from the comfort of your home. There are many benefits that you can enjoy by owning an indoor water feature on top of the beautiful sounds that they produce.


We live in an increasingly stressful world, characterized by anxiety, tensions and pressure. STRESS is one of the bigger triggers for physical and mental diseases that often goes unchecked. The sounds of flowing water helps to create an atmosphere of calmness and serenity in the comfort of your own house. Reduced stress means less tension in your muscles and joints over time. You can simply relax in your living room or even bedroom, enjoying the sound of trickling water after a hectic and busy day at work. You can go to sleep and wake up to the soothing sounds of running water. In fact, it helps you sleep better. In short, you can create a relaxing environment in any or every room of your house by placing indoor water features in the places where you spend the most time.


In the winters especially and any time during the rest of the year generally, the air comes dry and causes health issues. Nosebleeds, dry eyes, dry throat, and other symptoms of dry air can be remedied by adding a waterfall. The waterfall will not only help add moisture to the air but also trap allergens floating about. Nobody likes dry air! In most cases, it makes you skin drier, itchy and uncomfortable. Indoor water features will add moisture to the air in your room naturally while also looking good. It is beneficial for you, your clients, your family and even for plants that are in the sameroom.

Visual Appeal

Water features are an amazing way to enhance the décor of your home and create a natural and peaceful environment. They help to provide a focal point to the room. Water fountains are available in many different forms such as floor models, wall models or tabletop models. You can choose the style that compliments your room décor and add more style to your home or office. Custom waterfalls can make your next renovation project worthy of an award.

White Noise

When your home or office is situated in busy neighborhoods or next to loud neighbors, you need white noise to drown out the undesirable noise. At times, people need white noise to sleep. Flowing water is the most relaxing and soothing white noise you can get. Indoor water features are an excellent source of white noise, drowning traffic sounds, loud neighbors, etc., so you can work or sleep peacefully or just enjoy some quiet time.

Improve Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be a source of concern especially in rooms which get little fresh air. Flowing water produces negative ions which improves overall air quality. Air purifiers do the same but might not be suitable for a more professional working environment. You could use the best of both worlds for better results. An indoor water feature emits negative ions, appears beautiful and produces soothing sounds of falling water. Negative ions attract dust and other irritants from the air. You can simply clean out the water tray once a month.

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