Thank you for your interest in FEWL Academy. What is FEWL? FEWL stands for Fire, Earth, Water, and Land. These 4 elements are vital to the creation of our rocks.

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We will walk you through THE most effective method of creating artificial rocks for rock walls, water features, fake rock covers, rock molds, and so much more.

The main reason to consider this program is because you want to diversify your services to your clients.

We will show you why you cannot afford not to take this course.

By the end of 30-days, you will have all the knowledge and support you need to add an additional revenue stream or even start a new business from scratch under a separate name from your main business. If desired, we will even provide you with hands-free marketing and generate qualified and motivated leads on your behalf within your target area.

If you are reading this and don’t already know how to make artificial rocks then you are simply missing out!

This is not a seasonal business. Our distributors are making sales year-round both indoors and outdoors. Some even had their biggest months in November-December.

Advantages: Low initial startup costs. 24/7 Support Desk. Step-By-Step Training. Low Competition. High Demand. Pre-Launch with massive discount and lifetime access. Manufacture/Export availability for contractors in Canada/USA. Access to our network of faux rock contractors in Canada/USA for large-scale projects.

Disadvantages: Requires a small degree of creativity. Long learning curve as there are multiple trades involved.


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