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How to Build Custom Water Features Water Walls & Waterfalls

How to Build Custom Water Features, Water Walls, Waterfalls, and Fountains

Our custom water features are self contained and 90% of them don’t require any difficult plumbing.

They are powered by a submersible pump with micron filter.

We may be releasing courses and tutorials in the future for people interested in learning how to build a custom water wall.

Building a custom water feature does not appear difficult yet it does require some know-how to select the right pumps, knowing what angle to set the surface materials, tips for reducing maintenance/clogs, and knowing what to avoid.

If you are interested subscribe here and we will let you know if and when the program becomes available.

We provide custom manufacturing from a 8000sq ft facility in Surrey, BC as well as while working with other fabricators and manufacturers in different countries.

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Custom water feature projects by WaterfallNow
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We build waterwall features that stand out and gets compliments.