• The flowing water of the water feature helps reactivate life-force of the space, restores balance and produce beneficial yang energy
    • Negative ions to purify air and improve health
    • Invite wealth & prosperity with good Feng Shui
    • Peaceful trickling sounds
    • Melts away stresses of everyday life
    • Increases property value
    • Vacation in your own backyard
    • Unlimited creativity
    • Improves the ambiance of any space
    • Impress friends and guests
    • Be one of the lucky few that can afford one
    • Unique functional works of art

Some of our services:

  • Water Features Construction | Residential and commercial. Indoor and outdoor.
  • Water Walls | We use all materials and can build any feature involving a water fountain element.
  • Artificial Rock Waterfalls | Custom hand made and looks better than real rock. Great for gardens, swimming pools, theme parks, or resorts.
  • Pondless Waterfalls | Water recirculates through the use of a water pump so no water is wasted.
  • Indoor Floor Fountains | Custom & semi-custom manufactured. Any size. Contract wholesale designing & logos available.
  • Waterfall Renovations | Add a waterfall to an existing space or improve on an existing feature through a variety of methods.
  • Repair & Maintenance | Custom Waterfall Fountains | We provide regular cleaning and maintenance services for water features
  • Floor Standing Fountains | Choose any width, height, or depth. Any trim or surface material in any design, pattern, or style.
  • Wall Mounted Fountains | Choose any width, height, or depth. Any trim or surface material in any design, pattern, or style.
  • LED Bubble Walls | Custom fabricated from acrylic tubes and sheets sourced from the USA. Programmable remote lighting.
  • Rain Curtains / Thread Fountains | Custom made to specifications.
  • Waterfall Design | Concept drawings in hand sketch, paint, and 3D rendering ($75-$125/hour)
  • Waterfall Installation | We build, deliver, and install.
  • Fountain Rental | Custom faux rock display, water wall, floor standing fountain, bubble wall.

1000+ Ready-Made Options (Full catalog of products not available online. Please email the dimensions you are looking for   |   Free Standing Fountains   |   Wall Mounted Fountains

There’s nothing quite like the sounds of flowing water to create a tranquil and beautiful atmosphere. WaterfallNow builds both indoor and outdoor water features in any size, shape, design, colour, or style. We can work with you from concept to completion. WaterfallNow's team strives to making these beautiful luxury fountains more affordable for everyone.

Most of our clients are high end custom home builders. If you are anticipating having a water feature for your project just let us know. We have a variety of semi custom, in-stock, and imported items available. 

Building lots of properties? Drop us a line for exclusive pricing. Spring Specials on now for indoor & outdoor water features!

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Toll Free:  1-888-832-2242   Extension 1

Contact Moses directly (Owner) SMS/WhatsApp:  778-788-8603

Email:  info@waterfallnow.com

Skype:  waterfallnowbc

Call for catalog or information on how to order: Moses (Owner) 778-788-8603

Save 50% or more on several ready to order fountains. Or request a custom build. Over 1000 fountain styles to choose from!

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