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We are a a full service design+build company providing custom water features for luxury properties and commercial developments.
Moses has created hundreds of custom waterfalls throughout Canada from start to finish and can create a custom water feature in any size shape style design using all materials.
Deal direct for best pricing.

Online fountain sale at cost prices. Save 50% or more. Next bulk production run scheduled for Fall 2021)
Visit our online store for wall mounted and freestanding waterfalls and bubblewalls
Special pricing for local pickup orders (by scheduled appointment only with the owner)


    Moses Yoon - Owner/Operator


    [email protected]

    Canada: (888)-832-2242 #1

    No public walk-ins without an appointment.

    2a-7389 River Rd, Delta, British Columbia, Canada (by scheduled appointment only)

    11-8116 130 St Surrey, British Columbia, Canada (by scheduled appointment only)

    Commercial & Residential Custom Made Water Features
    Custom Waterfall Detailed Shop Drawings For Rough-In & Permit Applications
    Planning | Visualization | Mock Ups | 3D Renderings (Sketchup, Vray, Lumion, etc)
    Mechanical Engineering | Flood Testing | Flow Rate Adjustments
    Stainless, Titanium, Aluminum GMAW/GTAW/SMAW welding
    Custom 3D Logo & Sign Fabrication + Installation
    Brass, Copper Brazing
    Metal Forming, CNC cutting, bending
    Powder coating and architectural metal finishing options
    Rough-in | Delivery | Installation
    Commercial water features maintenance, renovations, waterproofing, and troubleshooting

    For custom design+build studio sheds, garden sheds, backyard offices, bunkies, cabins, prefab homes, modular homes and more

    Custom Plastics Manufacturing:
    Vacuform & Thermoforming 3D Scenic Panels For BC's Film Industry
    Custom Acrylic Fabrication

    You Dream It, We Build It!

    A+ BBB Accredited
    GVHBA/HAVAN/CHBA Member since 2015

    What we're up to:

    Current job offerings

    Red seal welder fabricator:  (fit-up and welding of components for custom waterfalls using GTAW on sanitary stainless/aluminum 12-20ga) in shop and mobile. Shear/press brake, CNC laser/plasma, polishing #4 #8.

    Fibreglass fabricator moulding: operate external mix chop gun, hand lay woven fibreglass in outdoor pools, create master molds for industrial tanks, and more.

    Custom plastics fabricator: Operate CNC router and glue acrylic sections for mass production runs of bubblewalls. Thermoforming/vacuforming. Making molds for 3D wall panels and more.

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