Custom Waterfall Design Manufacturing & Installation Services

April 1, 2021 WaterfallNow

Custom Waterfall Design Manufacturing & Installation Services

Custom waterwall water features make for a mesmerizing and relaxing focal point of any interior or exterior area. The soothing sounds of falling water helps to melt stress and focus the mind.

Any size shape or design. You dream it, we build it!

We utilize all types of materials. Stainless steel, granite, and tile are the most common material used for the framing or cladding these water walls.

Waterwall materials – Wet

The wet portion of the waterwall panel should be resistant to uv, mold and mildew with non-porous surfaces being ideal. Glass, corrosion resistant metals such as stainless or 5000 series aluminum alloys along with granite are all good options. Porous surfaces will require more cleaning due to calcium and limescale buildup along with the potential for leaking or general failure requiring demolotion down the road.

Waterwall materials – Dry

Stainless steel, granite, and tile are the most common material used for the framing or cladding these water walls. Sometimes having a false wall, living walls or artificial plants can blend in nicely with a water feature.

  • Waterwall features can be made to look however you like
  • Finding the right company to design and build something feasible is the hard part for the customer

Waterfalls can be self contained or plumbed to elaborate or basic water filtration systems. We can go over all of the details with you in person during a consultation call while helping you plan/design your water feature project.

Finding a builder

  • Check your local area to see if there is a company specializing in custom waterwalls. If not you can check other provinces to see who can do a supply and install (or supply only).
  • If a specialist cannot be located then you can try contacting a builder. Someone will need to design the parts. This can be done by hiring a designer/architect or doing them yourself with some research.
  • There are many small things to know that goes into making these. Many contractors enter the marketplace thinking they can build them only to find that their short-term methods fail or could never work to begin with.
  • Since we have been in business we have seen at least a dozen companies in the water features industry go bankrupt across Canada. Having helped build small businesses across Canada as a consultant for many years I have also noticed how much harder it is to grow and establish a company in this industry.
  • There are many contractors that can attempt to build a water feature but when you consider the amount being invested it can become a headache to hire someone that has not built one before. Having parts tested to certify they are free from defects prior to a permanent installation is recommended as it can help avoid flooding and property damage.
  • Sound, water flow rates, maintenance, and other factors can be manipulated according to your needs.
  • Hiring a waterwall
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We build waterwall features that stand out and gets compliments.