Christmas Laser Light Vancouver – Xmas Laser Indoor And Outdoor

Cheapest prices and best reliable quality with full 30 day guarantee, free servicing, and no hassle refund policy! No visits to our showroom or warehouse at this time. Brand new in box. Comes with remote, stake. Just plug in and forget it. Thousands of pinpoint lasers in seconds. Waterproof and suitable for minus 20 to above 40 degrees celcius.

Garden Christmas laser lights Canada (static and moving) available for individual or bulk purchase. Several dozen styles and patterns. Dozens of color combination possibilities. Mix and match for insane effects. Not cheap laser diodes like star shower or ebay versions. Our lasers are bright even in the daytime. The case is same as elf light that used to sell at Canadian Tire. Different laser diode company. The Canadian Tire version wasn’t as bright.

Red + Green combo static laser $100 Canadian. Or $75 USD. Available for pick up today in downtown vancouver!

Blue + Green combo static laser $150 Canadian. Or $120 USD. Available for pick up today in downtown vancouver!

Red + Green + Blue combo moving & static laser. $250 CAD. $180 USD. Available for pick up today in downtown vancouver!

30 Other styles to choose from. Email for further information.

Laser is brighter in person than on camera or images.

Phone Moses Yoon: (778)-788-8603

xmas laser light laser christmas light christmas laser light Slight gap in front is for waterproof sealing (rubber)christmas laser canada christmas laser vancouver

Email:   (Use WaterfallNow Xmas Laser in subject line so I know)

There are hundreds of companies selling these in the same casing however the laser companies use their own version of lasers.

Ebay has lots of versions where the companies use cheaper laser diode that doesn’t look bright and isn’t even visible during the day.

Our lasers are visible in the daytime.

I recommend buying a padlock/bike lock and wrapping it around a tree so thieves don’t steal it.

Full refund if you aren’t 100% happy with the product. No hassle policy. If you require a replacement part or servicing I will do so at no charge.

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Pricing. $100 – $250 depending on the model type. No minimum quantity orders. Discounts on larger orders.

Canadian tire, QVC, and many other online/offline retailers or department stores have (or sold if they discontinued their lower quality lasers) a more expensive version that costs twice as much but uses cheap laser diodes. I have 30 different patterns/styles and even do custom patterns but the most popular are red+green, blue+green, and RGB. We use high quality lasers that are much brighter yet still safe for recreational use.

In other words, our lasers are BRIGHTER and cost LESS. If you have any issues as is common with products coming from China, I personally guarantee a refund, discount, free replacement parts… w/e. The reason we sell these is because they look cool and want more people to own one. I was not satisfied with the other versions on the market that are often too expensive and break down with difficulty getting servicing.

Visible during the day. Great for indoor and outdoor use. A hot product to decorate for the holidays. Very simple set up within 10 seconds. No need to string lights in trees, just point 1 unit for thousands of bright shining sparkling lasers.


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laser light display for garden
firefly laser light vancouver







Prices and quality competitive with large brands. Firefly, Elf Light, Bliss Light, Sparkle Magic, Star Shower…etc.
Our lasers are brighter and if you have an issue, we send free replacement parts or a refund/discount. (coming soon – we will have more products including disco lasers (hopefully by next Fall).



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