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Rock Water Features ✜ Rock Water Fountains ✜ Rock Waterfalls

We bring together both natural and synthetic materials to create a makeshift waterfall virtually anywhere you want it in any size, shape, style, or colour. We understand our clients budgeting needs and can work with you to make your dream waterfall become a reality. Our team has built and installed hundreds of custom made water features throughout the Lower Mainland. The possibilities are virtually endless.  We can create custom pool waterfalls, indoor wall waterfalls, artificial rock water features with custom lighting, rock caves, rock walls, and more. Feel free to ask us more about our services. There is no risk in doing so.

The best time to contact us is today so that we can provide you with the best chances of getting something you love and enjoy. After seeing the ongoing maintenance requests from people who opted for a pondless waterfall using real rocks, we wanted to offer something easier to maintain. Our team developed a unique method for creating artificial rock panels made using synthetic and natural materials that is lightweight, durable enough to withstand the elements, can last a lifetime, and has a similar surface texture to real rock. We cut and bend each individual fiberglass rock panel and assemble them to any size, shape, or design.

Every project is different. To start off we will provide you with an in-person visit to better understand your vision, obtain measurements, create designs and understand the scope of work. Not the creative type? We can handle it for you.  Our goal is for our clients to be completely satisfied with the end result of our work. The rocks themselves generally look more natural over-time. Simply maintain the pump and pond area and you are all set! Because there is less of a stream compared to natural stone pondless waterfall systems, there is also less maintenance.

 A pondless waterfall garden can help to bring a residential or commercial property from standard to extraordinary.

Request a free quote from us today with no project obligations.