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Our project cals for a water feature. Do you review plans or provide consultations for the rough-in stage?

Yes, we provide consultations and can work closely with your team throughout all stages to streamline the process and ensure the water feature is correctly installed and will last for many decades to come.

Can you decide which water feature will look and work best for this space? (see photo)

We can work with existing designers on the project to compliment the overall scope of the design while utilizing our vast knowledge of custom water features to prepare feasible shop drawings for the rough-ins and installations that are understandable to trades. The majority of design+build projects by WaterfallNow are carried out by the owner directly. Steps must be carefully followed in order to ensure that the design will be feasible while taking into consideration many factors such as splashing, acoustics, exposure to air/particles, lighting, drainage, maintenance requirements, flow rate adjustment, even water distribution, maintaining adequate water pressure to achieve a desired result, ideal  equipment and materials for components, and much more. We can work with your budget to maximize the effectiveness of the overall concept while avoiding unnecessary costs and wasted time. Much of our time in the early years of construction was spent fixing or replacing features made by others that did not function from the beginning due to poor designing, little to no thought towards long-term waterproofing, lack of engineering and testing prior to installation and more. The lack of reliable suppliers was a large driving factor in the more recent focus towards becoming a largescale provider of water features for architects, builders, developers, interior designers, business owners, and homeowners in general.

How much does a custom waterfall cost?

Custom waterfalls come in a variety of designs and styles. The options are unlimited which can cause confusion when it comes to correctly pricing the units. We generally stick to quoting projects based on a square footage cost which includes the costs for designing, engineering, drawings, consultations, maintenance, fabrication, shop testing, components such as pumps/filtration, etc and warranties. Prices vary from $200-$500sqft based on our production schedule and how busy we are. Customers that are able to preorder months in advance can save 50% or more. Due to our low overhead and experience we are also able to beat any competitors quote and lead times.

What are the power requirements?

Standard 15-20A duplex GFCI (outlets found in most washrooms and exterior areas with test/reset) for shock prevention/safety. For features over 300sqft we may call for additional power depending on the design and how many lights will be utilized. Good lighting makes water features truly spectacular whereas the lack of lighting whether artificial or natural may cause the feature to look like it isn’t even running. We provide consultations and guidance for lighting which can be built-in or roughed into the building separately.

Who does the designs and installations? Do you work with different companies?

We provide the rough-ins and installations for projects ourselves to ensure that they are done properly and covered under warranty. We do not provide recommendations for sub trades or companies at this time to avoid improper installation or voided warranties. We receive calls every week from people that regret their decision to work with companies that do not specialize in custom water features due to a lack of direction, experience, training, and/or resources. We utilize a prefab/modular system for creating water features that minimizes the time it takes to complete and installation with a small crew. We can invite you to visit our workshop to see the feature in action during the testing stage while following safety protocols (limit 1 person at a time) Also, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and busy production/installation schedule we are currently only providing inhouse installation within British Columbia, Canada. We can provide guidance/training for installations outside of BC such as in other provinces, USA, or international for your own trades but we do not recommend other companies to avoid improper installation and damage resulting from a lack of experience, knowledge, guidance, or resources to complete the job. For parts made by us and installed by others we quote a price to make the units easier to assemble onsite along with training and guidance for the installation crew.

How do we get started?

To get started we would like to review the scope of the project and any drawings, floor plans, or elevations of the room and adjacent rooms/walls along with entry points into the room. To speed up the process please include links, sketches, or attachments of example features that you have in mind and the height, width, depth. Also include the material preference for the surface. If you are unsure of what option to use we can suggest one that works with the room decor and budget. Our minimum cost depends on the time of the year and how busy we are so it is best to drop us a line. We can determine whether or not your project is right for us within a few minutes in order for you to determine whether or not to proceed with the project. Water features typically cost much more than more traditional (non-water feature) feature wall design application but the WOW factor is unmatched. Most people will compliment and remember the water feature as well as appreciate the time, planning, work and effort that goes into creating them. The first project is usually the hardest but once you get going it is much simpler to do the next one as you will now understand our process.

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