We Build Residential Custom Rock Waterfalls and Water Features Turning Ordinary Landscapes Into Something Extraordinary.


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Quality fountains for gardens, ponds, and more. Indoor and outdoor fountains available in both semi-custom and fully customized designs.  


Waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes. We create custom man-made pondless artificial rock waterfalls that can go virtually anywhere. Use them to decorate your swimming pool, garden landscape, indoor mall, display wall, and more.

Water Features

Whether you need something with artificial rock, real rock, concrete, shotcrete, or stone, give us a call to receive a quote.

Rock Caves, Grottos, And Rock Walls

Fiberglass rocks are a lightweight and flexible alternative to concrete. They work well for display purposes and when blended in with plants and landscaping look just like real rock

Custom Waterfalls & Fountains

Built using any material in any size shape or design. We can work with your interior designer to create a unique water feature.

Artificial Rock Waterfalls

Because our rock panels are molded off of actual rock faces, they retain most of the natural surface textures of real rock. The fiberglass panels can be assembled and patched together in any shape.

Indoor Wall Fountains

Worldwide manufacturing dealer relationships. Enjoy savings buying premade. 1000+ indoor fountains for the home. Providing many types of interior wall waterfalls and features as well as installation services.

Floor Water Fountain

Choose from 1000+ Combinations and dimensions. Choose from glass, stainless steel, marble, slate, and more. Logo waterfall fountains available on all models.

LED Bubble Walls

Custom and premade LED bubble walls give an amazing look to any room. Great for bars, lounges, reception areas, hallways, living spaces, and more.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are not only safer for homes with small toddlers but can also require less maintenance than a traditional cascading waterfall.

Office Fountain Waterfall

Many believe that proper placement of a water feature can increase wealth, prosperity, abundance, health, and success.

Rock Water Feature

WaterfallNow’s unique fiberglass panels are used to create man-made waterfalls in any size, shape, or design.


Find out why hundreds of homeowners in the Lower Mainland choose to work with us to increase the value of their residential properties.

WaterfallNow manufactures any type of custom residential water feature, fountain, or waterfall in Surrey, BC, Canada.
Are you a home builder, interior designer, architect, or contractor? Email us for dealer pricing.
Average project budgets range from $3,000-$50,000. Smaller custom and standard sized fountains under are also available.

WaterfallNow crafts synthetic realistic rock panels molded from real cliffs in BC. Using fiberglass reinforcement and poly foam backing (commercial applications), these rocks are extremely durable when compared to your traditional GFRC and hand carved panels. Pound for pound, fiberglass is a lot stronger than steel, won’t rust, and is over than 75% lighter. Because each 6×6~ panel is hollow on the inside, they all weigh approximately 50 pounds (without foam backing) and are easily carried by a single person. One of the main issues with traditional rock carved or GFRC panel features is the issue of leaking and cracking over time. This is a bigger issue in cold weather conditions where water gets into cracks and expands causing the rocks to crack. Finding these cracks and having to waterproof the features over and over again to 100% waterproof the area can be a tedious process. If the leaks are from within the feature then portions of the feature may even need to be demolished in order to access the piping which involves a lot of construction, noise, labour, and money. Because the average homeowner cannot deal with costly repairs, WaterfallNow developed a new method of creating pondless rock features that is easy enough to maintain for the average homeowner. The rubber liner underneath the rocks which typically lasts several decades along with all pumps and pipes are easy to access. Our faux rock artists will build you a luxury-resort style rock feature in your own backyard without you having to pay commercial rates. Give us a call to learn more about getting a garden rock waterfall for your home that produces soothing sounds of falling water that you and your guests will enjoy.

Looking for an indoor fountain? We offer a variety of custom and premade options. While glass is our most popular option, we also use marble, featherstone, slate, tile, architectural glass, stainless steel, powder coated aluminum and more. Our team has built over 100 custom made indoor water features around the world. If we can’t do it or are too busy we will refer you to someone that can.

Want custom logos etched onto the surface of your water fountain? We work with all materials and offer the most competitive prices in North America on all custom work. As each project is different, a custom quote is required. Call today for a no obligation free estimate.

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Solomon WaterfallNow

WaterfallNow Featured Contractor: Solomon

We have been working with Solomon for many years. He first began creating artistic garden pondless waterfalls with artificial rock in the early 2000s  – a technique he picked up in South Korea. He uses a very unique method of crafting artificial rock panels using synthetic and natural materials with a tough kevlar/fiber backed membrane. Though the process requires great skill Solomon now has over a decade of experience and is able to quickly create large lightweight yet durable man-made rock formations. He creates rubber molds that are molded directly from real rock cliffs.  As such, the rock panels have the realistic textures you would find in nature. In the past our team used shotcrete rock which we found costly to maintain due to the constant leaking and cracking due to freeze-thaw action and erosion. Solomon’s method of making artificial rocks requires little to no maintenance and lasts a lifetime. The rocks can also be painted different colours over time for a new look.

For many years Solomon’s family and friends operated a soup kitchen on East Hastings (2nd floor beside Pigeon Park) 3 days a week providing warm meals, clothing, shelter, and sharing words of hope to Vancouvers less fortunate population. Solomons hobbies include playing golf, fishing, and ministry. If you have a spot in your garden for a feng shui rock fountain then he will be able to create a one of a kind piece of art for you at a very affordable price.

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