Why Choose WaterfallNow

WaterfallNow features world-renowned custom rock waterfalls and fountains backed by 30+ years of landscaping experience. WaterfallNow's inhouse team of artists can design and hand-craft each custom rock piece in any size, shape, color, or location. WaterfallNow serves both residential and commercial clientele providing uniquely designed Vegas resort-style rock water features.

WaterfallNow's custom crafted artificial rock waterfalls can consist of concrete, GFRC, fiberglass, and natural materials. Different materials are used for different custom applications. Become a preferred client of WaterfallNow and receive special rates on all future water features. Special rates and affiliate referral bonuses provided for contractors, custom home builders, landscapers, designers, and architects during the construction phase.

Custom artificial rock waterfalls are a popular addition to any space sought out by world class resorts, hotels, and celebrity figures increasing property value and creating ambiance. Water symbolizes life in many areas in the world. We believe it can be celebrated while also being treated as the precious resource it is. This is why we create recirculating water features that reuse rainwater. Whether you enjoy the soothing sounds of a cascading waterfall, want to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, or just want to create a private getaway where you can unwind after a long day, it all starts with a call to WaterfallNow.


Hand-Made On Site

Built to fit right in wherever a water feature would look nice.

Operates In All 4 Seasons

Water recirculates through a pump. Easiest maintenance out of all other alternatives. GFRC rocks last a lifetime with no fear of cracking caused by the elements.

Your Backyard Paradise Awaits

There are a lot of people who want a waterfall for their yard but only a few are fortunate enough to own one made by WaterfallNow. 

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Landscaping Design Costs

Indoor Custom Water Features (Contact USA For Quote. WaterfallNow For Pick Up/Install

Fiberglass 25x stronger than steel yet 7x lighter

Custom fiberglass fabrication, moulding, and manufacturing (778)-788-8603

Creative Designs By Creative People

The Cure For Ordinary Backyards

Capturing the soothing sounds of a natural rock waterfall.

GFRC Rock Panels Last A Lifetime

Our own hand-made faux rocks and veneer panels are available upon request.

100% Customizable

Anything you can imagine can be customized because everything is custom hand-made. 

Backed By A 20 Year Warranty

We stand behind the quality of work so you don’t have to. Need fixing? Give us a call.

WaterfallNow specializes in custom rock waterfall construction using fiberglass GFRC panels. Each project will last a lifetime, won’t crack in the winter, can be remote operated, will run in all 4 seasons, typically cost less than most other alternatives, are more appealing, and will get the most attention. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing yard, contact WaterfallNow for a FREE estimate on stunning custom rock work that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Remodeling and Home Design

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Our Services

Pondless Water Features

For those that hate maintenance, our waterfalls require 90% less maintenance than most other waterfalls.

Custom Backyard Waterfalls

Your friends will love coming over.

Unlimited Possibilities

No project is too big for WaterfallNow

Custom Pool Waterfalls

Unlimited creativity to create an amazing waterfall.

Custom Hand-Crafted

Want a fully decked out waterfall with dozens of spillways, lighting, bbq pits, and more? We do that and more.

Realistic Rock Panels

Lightweight with a tough kevlar membrane. Outer layer is comprised of natural rock materials.

Unlimited Shapes And Sizes

Want CRAZY overhangs and unique designs? We can do that and more.

Complete Backyard Makeovers

WaterfallNow’s designers can completely transform the look and feel of your garden into a dream getaway..

Lighting, Pumps, and Accessories

We will provide a selection of waterfall pumps, lighting, artificial palms, and other complimentary products.


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