Custom Rock Waterfalls And Water Features Vancouver


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Artificial Rock Waterfalls And Water Features Vancouver

WaterfallNow specializes in creating custom resort-style waterfalls using a mixture of synthetic and natural materials. Our faux rock panels are durable, not prone to cracking from harsh weather conditions, offer easy access to plumbing, are fully customizable, easy to maintain, and a cost-effective alternative to natural stone or concrete. Our team has worked with all types of materials for crafting artificial rocks. From concept to completion we are able to create custom pondless waterfall products with realistic rock textures in any size, shape, color, or location. Our rocks can be specially designed and built for gardens, resorts, amusement parks, indoor malls, swimming pools, commercial properties, residential properties hotels, rooftops, custom homes, and anywhere else you can imagine. We work closely with custom home builders, architects, landscapers, designers, and property owners to create unique showcase waterfalls on budget and on time. Would you like to add a custom made water feature to your property? The sooner you call us the sooner you can enjoy all of the benefits of owning your very own waterfall.

WaterfallNow Process

Artificial Rock Waterfalls And Water Features Vancouver



Design, Manufacture, Install

Our experienced team of water features specialists provide consultation and installation throughout all phases.

Pondless Waterfalls

Unique water features for the backyard with LED lighting, waterfall spillways, cascading water and unlimited possibilities. Everything is custom hand-made on-site.

Custom Hand-Made Waterfalls

We hand-craft all of our rock panels in Surrey, BC. They are then transported to the project site and assembled to create artificial rock walls and waterfalls.

Rock Caves, Grottos, And Rock Walls

Fiberglass rocks are a lightweight and flexible alternative to concrete. They work well for display purposes and when blended in with plants and landscaping look just like real rock

Premade Indoor Water Fountains

Distributor of premium indoor water walls and waterfalls. Materials ranging from glass, metal, and stone water walls for residential and commercial clients

Artificial Rock Waterfalls

Because our rock panels are molded off of actual rockscapes, they maintain the natural surface textures of real rocks. Each panel is locally crafted and can be cut, bent, and patched together to form one seamless rock feature in any size, shape, or design

Custom Pool Waterfalls

Our team can turn any backyard into a resort-like setting. We provide artificial rocks, palm trees, and a host of other options based on our clients needs.

LED And Specialty Lighting

We have a skilled team of automated lighting experts for the more complex projects

Custom Waterfalls

Contemporary designed aluminum and glass water walls. A must have for any feng shui enthusiast

Some Of Our Clients

Aria Banquet And Convention Center - Surrey, BC


Special Order Water Feature Add-On Requests

WaterfallNow will provide premade water features such as tabletop fountains, waterfall spillways, biofuel fireplaces, waterfall pumps, LED lighting, artificial plants and a host of other add-on products. We go the extra mile to offer each client the most choices, great service, and competitive pricing. Average lead time of 7-14 days for custom orders.

Looking for something else? Give us a call and we will make sure your custom order is fulfilled in your next project.

 LED Waterfall Spillways (Sheer Descent) • Waterfall Pumps (All GPH Ranges) • LED Pond Fountains • LED Lighting • Fog/Mist Generators • Indoor & Outdoor Fireplaces • And MORE!!!

Waterfall Spillway
Waterfall Spillway

Waterfall Spillway

Waterfall Pumps
Waterfall Pumps

Waterfall Pumps

LED Fountains
LED Fountains

LED Fountains

BioFuel fireplaces
BioFuel fireplaces

BioFuel fireplaces

Waterfall Spillway

Waterfall Spillway

Waterfall Pumps

Waterfall Pumps

LED Fountains

LED Fountains

BioFuel fireplaces

BioFuel fireplaces

Artificial Jellyfish

Artificial glowing desktop jellyfish. Custom hand-made in any design.  For the jellyfish enthusiast. No feeding and easy maintenance. Eye-catching decorations for hotels, restaurants, and waiting areas in low-lit environments.

To request an order please email [email protected]

For specific designs please email us and we will develop something to suit your needs.

artificial jellyfish desktop jellyfish aquarium jellyfish decoration jellyfish lamp glowing jellyfish aquarium fake jellyfish aquarium









Glowing Jellyfish

Desktop Jellyfish

Artificial Jellyfish

Custom Jellyfish

The best way to reach us:

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Wall mounted aquariums. Email to find out what we have in stock.

wall mount aquaruim Wall aquarium aquarium for wall wall mounted aquarium

32 aquariums in stock. Call to order.

All sizes come with submersible filter, custom lighting, cleaning hose, fish net, algae cleaner, complete mounting kit, outlet adapters, automatic feeder, hidden compartments for electrical plugins, high quality tempered glass, stunning frame, instruction manual.

Small Rectangle Wall-Mounted Aquarium:
Dimensions: 13 x 24 x 5
Capacity: 2.2 Gallons

Medium Rectangle Wall-Mounted Aquarium
Dimension: 17.5h x 47.3w x 5d
Capacity: 7.4 Gallons

Large Rectangle Wall-Mounted Aquarium
Dimensions: 25h x 45w x 5d
Capacity: 9.5 Gallons

Extra Large Rectangle Wall Mounted Aquarium
Dimensions: 17.5h x 69.5w x 5d
Capacity: 10.5 Gallons

USA Manufacturer: