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Custom Fiberglass Rock Walls Waterfalls And Water Features For Custom Homes - Vancouver, Surrey, BC, Canada


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Artificial Rock Waterfalls And Water Features Vancouver

By popular demand! WaterfallNow's team coming from 30+ years of residential and commercial landscaping in BC has moved onto specializing in creating low-cost custom resort-style waterfalls using a lightweight fiberglass rock paneling system. We were looking for a way to help home owners enjoy running a nice sounding water feature year-round without having to constantly hire a contractor every few months for maintenance. Our team has built 100s of water features and looks forward to every new opportunity.

Our fiberglass rocks which we hand-craft at our shop in Surrey, BC are lightweight yet durable under all weather conditions (even from freeze-thaw). They are hollow yet we can control the thickness as well as construct an inner bracing system to form the basic foundation. There are a number of advantages to using a hollow fiberglass structure as opposed to a heavy solid structure made using concrete, natural rock, or other material. While it may not be for everyone, it certainly does have its applications.

WaterfallNow backs its work with a minimum 20 year warranty on our rocks but realistically they will last a lifetime. If you ever want to add more to your waterfall or change the color a year from now you can just give us a call and we will come and do that for you. We want every project to look good just as much as you do and aren't satisfied until you are. If you decide to move homes and take the rock waterfall with you we can even cut it apart, ship it, and reassemble it back at your new property back to one piece the same way we built it in the first place!

WaterfallNow's artificial rock are great for covering spaces. Because we mold our rocks off of real rocks the end result looks very similar to actual rock. These are great for gardens, resorts, amusement parks, indoor malls, swimming pools, commercial properties, residential properties hotels, rooftops, custom homes, and anywhere else you can imagine. Many of our happy clients can't wait to show off their new rock waterfall to their friends and family.

If you can sketch it, we can build it

Custom Artificial Rock Waterfalls, Fountains, & Water Features Vancouver

We specialize in building AFFORDABLE custom hand-made resort-style waterfalls using our own fiberglass rocks in Surrey, BC. We can also build quality water walls, and fountains from scratch while facilitating the process from day 1. Now is the time to take advantage of a unique opportunity to maximize the feng shui potential of your home and garden landscape or indoor workspaces. Premade options also offered within a few months notice. Customized 3D or sketch renderings can be designed and provided during the initial consulting phase. Ask for Moses for more details.

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Design, Manufacture, Install

Our experienced team of water features specialists provide consultation and installation throughout all phases.

Pondless Waterfalls

Unique water features for the backyard with LED lighting, waterfall spillways, cascading water and unlimited possibilities. Everything is custom hand-made on-site.

Custom Hand-Made Waterfalls

We hand-craft all of our rock panels in Surrey, BC. They are then transported to the project site and assembled to create artificial rock walls and waterfalls.

Rock Caves, Grottos, And Rock Walls

Fiberglass rocks are a lightweight and flexible alternative to concrete. They work well for display purposes and when blended in with plants and landscaping look just like real rock

Premade Indoor Water Fountains

Distributor of premium indoor water walls and waterfalls. Materials ranging from glass, metal, and stone water walls for residential and commercial clients

Artificial Rock Waterfalls

Because our rock panels are molded off of actual rockscapes, they maintain the natural surface textures of real rocks. Each panel is locally crafted and can be cut, bent, and patched together to form one seamless rock feature in any size, shape, or design

Custom Pool Waterfalls

Our team can turn any backyard into a resort-like setting. We provide artificial rocks, palm trees, and a host of other options based on our clients needs.

LED And Specialty Lighting

We have a skilled team of automated lighting experts for the more complex projects

Custom Waterfalls

Contemporary designed aluminum and glass water walls. A must have for any feng shui enthusiast

Our Working Process

Thorough planning at every stage must be conducted to ensure your needs are met. We provide clear lines of communication which enables us to provide a higher level of service to you. Whether it is your first or third time buying a unique customized water feature, every project starts with a brief phone call to WaterfallNow. We will guide you through our hassle-free process from concept to completion.

1. When you give us a call our experienced designer with over 3 decades of experience in residential and commercial landscaping will visit you at your location and come up with some ideas. Our gallery is just a small fraction of what we can do. You can send us photos from the internet and we can provide a hand sketch with the customizations specific to your project.

Art Avenue 2 - WaterfallNowArt Avenue - WaterfallNow2. Once the concept is approved by you we draw up a simple contract outlining the work that is going to be done along with payment schedules and our commitment to quality work. An initial deposit is made by the client and construction of the custom rock water feature begins.

3. In most cases we will start by preparing the base consisting of a water reservoir which will house the water supply. This includes installation of the pond liner. Natural rainwater is usually enough to keep the pondless waterfall operating for months on end and there isn’t really any maintenance involved. In dirtier conditions we install a filter and in hotter or shadeless areas we will install an autofill. We often only work with our inhouse team of 1-2 people and smaller projects can be finished within a few days or weeks in good weather.

4. We ship the necessary quantities of our faux rock panels that we make ourselves in the planned textures and sizes to the location and begin assembling them to form the unique shape of the rock. Different rock textures can be used according to the landscape. Each artificial rock panel can be bent, cut, and shaped together to any design and painted to any color.

5. Once the overall shape is assumed and plumbing and electrical work is carried out. We patch all of the individual rock panels together to form one single seamless rock piece that is difficult to tell apart from real rock from afar. When blended in with plants, landscaping, trees, and lighting they can look quite amazing especially at night or in winter where the icicles sparkle.

6. Water hoses,  PVC plumbing, water sheers, and other accessories are installed along the way for areas where water will be sourced from. More water falling from higher elevations generally produces more sound. Because we can add or remove our rocks using basic cutting tools, we can make changes to the original concept by request. There have been cases where the decision for a natural water flow vs an LED waterfall spillway unit was put off until midway through the project. We will also install any custom LED lighting at this time to make your water feature really pop out at night.

7. Once the rock is completely sealed together, we perform additional touch ups to increase the beauty and longevity of the design. We will usually brainstorm more ideas at this point with the client who is most likely excited about how their new waterfall is coming together.

8. Once water is added, the water feature can be powered up for the first time for testing and water flow adjustments. Because we have a large selection of quality low-noise waterfall pumps to choose from, we can give our clients a live demonstration of the different strengths (GPH) of pumps. Bonus: The relaxing white noise from falling water can be used to drown out the sound of traffic or other noise.

9. We closely monitor the water feature upon completion to ensure smooth operation. We hope that you can enjoy the water feature for many years and that it will make your evenings, weekends, gatherings and other functions, more enjoyable.