Custom Hand-Made Garden Rock Waterfalls

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Not your average cookie cutter water features. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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WaterfallNow is a family business offering resort-style rock waterfalls for luxury home owners in any size, design, color, or location. Waterfallnow specializes in incorporating stylish rock waterfalls into existing ponds as well as building pondless waterfalls both indoors and outdoors. Our methods enable us to create waterfalls that are functional, easy to maintain, unique, stunning, and creative.
With over 30 years of commercial and residential landscaping experience in BC, our dedicated and hard-working team has what it takes to see almost any project through. Our passion has eventually led us to specialize in what we enjoy doing most - creating a stunning atmosphere for our clients gardens, hotels, resorts, and more.
WaterfallNow offers smaller custom ready-to-ship waterfalls as well as a larger custom waterfalls that are built on-site. As specialists with all different methods of man-made rock waterfalls there are no better alternatives to fiber reinforced paneling systems with regards to cost, texture, low-maintenance, customization, and flexibility throughout the process.
Pound for pound, fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal or steel. It does not crack due to freeze-thaw action in the winter as concrete and doesn't require the ongoing maintenance of natural rocks. Using a unique blend of natural and synthetic materials, we are able to create artificial rock water features with detailed textures that can operate in all four seasons. We know each rock water feature can last a lifetime but include a free 20 year warranty for the benefit of our loyal clients.
WaterfallNow's skilled artists cater to all custom hand-built projects with prices ranging from $50 per sq ft to $400 per sq ft depending on the materials used. Our pricing is fixed with no upsells or surprises and based on written contract agreements to protect your interests as well as ours. Larger projects and repeat clients always experience special rates.
Booking a free no-obligation on-site estimate is easy. Just give us a call.
For indoor water walls (Glass, Metal, Ceramics) call (778)-788-8603. For outdoor garden waterfalls call (604)-724-4008.
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Very Easy To Maintain

WaterfallNow’s rock features will last in all 4 seasons for many decades. They can be left off or turned on as needed and require very little cleaning and maintenance.

20 Year Warranty

Because we know the durability of fiberglass and glass fiber reinforced concrete we are able to offer a 20 year warranty on each rock feature. No more unusable water features!

Artwork For Your Garden

WaterfallNow’s waterfalls are a must have for any luxury custom home looking to create a private paradise for their garden. Choose WaterfallNow for your next landscape renovation project.

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Pondless Water Features

Faux rock pondless waterfalls are easy to maintain and a cost effective design idea.

Custom Backyard Waterfalls

Your backyard the way you want it. If it can be sketched, WaterfallNow can build it.

Unlimited Rock Feature Sizes

The latest in artificial rock technology allows for greater flexibility, strength, and designs with no permit requirements.

Custom Pool Waterfalls

Unlimited creativity to create an amazing pool water feature, mock rock grotto, rock slide, and more.

Custom Built On-Site

Each project is unique. Want a complete hassle-free backyard renovation? Put our 30+ years of landscaping experience to the test.

Realistic Fiberglass Rock Panels

Fiberglass backed kevlar membrane with natural rock surface. No expensive repairs from cracking. Just like boats, these imitation rock walls will last for many decades without changing.

Custom Rock Garden Fountains

With hundreds of add-on features, WaterfallNow cherishes opportunities to create new origina landscaping waterfall designs. Fake rock projects are backed by a 20 year warranty.

Affordable Luxury Water Features

While others may easily charge 2-3 times as much, we believe in giving excellent deals and the best value for our clients.

Lighting, Pumps, and Accessories

We will provide a selection of waterfall pumps, lighting, indoor water walls, and other complimentary products to serve you better.

Indoor And Outdoor Water Features

Increasing Property Value

Providing unique architectural elements to your backyard garden landscape. The sounds of our waterfalls can be very relaxing.

Natures Air Filter

The falling water from a waterfall helps to filter out dust, pollen, and other objects floating in the air.

Not Just A Design Trend

Backyard waterfalls are becoming increasingly popular in demand as more homeowners look to relax and entertain guests at home.

Luxury Resort Style Atmospheres

Your neighbours and friends will love to come over and spend time in your backyard. 





Contact WaterfallNow for a FREE estimate on indoor and outdoor waterfalls that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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