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You Dream It, We Build It

The guys at WaterfallNow believes that by reducing stress and depression, people can improve their chances of living a longer, healthier, and more abundant life. There’s nothing like the sound of flowing water to create a tranquil, beautiful atmosphere in any spot, indoor or outdoor.  A waterfall in your park, yard, place of business or even indoors can revitalize your space bringing peaceful sounds and the meditative visual of clean, running water. Are you building a custom home or looking to add a water feature to your office space? Call WaterfallNow today to explore some of thousands of possibilities.

WaterfallNow specializes in bringing together both natural and synthetic materials to create a makeshift waterfall virtually anywhere you want it in any size, shape, style, or color. We understand our clients budgeting needs and can work with you to make your dream waterfall become a reality. Our team has built and installed hundreds of custom made water features throughout the Lower Mainland. The possibilities are virtually endless.  We can create custom pool waterfalls, indoor wall waterfalls, artificial rock water features with custom lighting, rock caves, rock walls, and more. Feel free to ask us more about our services. There is no risk in doing so. The best time to contact us is today so that we can provide you with the best chances of getting something you love and enjoy.

How We Create Realistic Artificial Rocks Molded From Real Rocks

How to Build a Fake Rock Waterfall

Making an Artificial Rock Waterfall

After much trial and error, Our team developed a unique method for creating artificial rock panels in the Spring of 2004. Some call it reinforced plastic rock but we just refer to it as artificial rock or fiberglass rock. Our faux rocks (made using synthetic and natural materials) are lightweight, durable enough to withstand the elements, can last a lifetime, and has a similar surface texture to real rock. We literally cut and bend the fiberglass rock panels with fire/heat and then re-assemble/patch them however we see fit.

Every project is different. To start off we will provide you with an in-person visit to better understand your vision, obtain measurements, create designs and understand the scope of work. Not the creative type? We can handle it for you.  Our goal is for our clients to be completely satisfied with the end result of our work. The rocks themselves generally look more natural over-time. Simply maintain the pump and pond area and you are all set! Because there is less of a stream compared to natural stone pondless waterfall systems, there is also less maintenance. We are sad to see many natural rock waterfalls that require maintenance every few months with a submersible pump that is difficult to access. Providing a lower maintenance option is a huge advantage in our artificial rock waterfall system which places a greater emphasis on maximizing vertical space with 1 uniform rock piece instead of hundreds. If you want to add more to the rock in the future we can cut, add-on, and patch any existing fiberglass rock feature!

A pondless waterfall garden could be just the addition to your residential or commercial property to bring it from standard to extraordinary.  Impress your friends, family and clients with your quaint and exotic new fountain installed by our professionals.  We’ll make sure the entire process runs smoothly and to your complete satisfaction. Not sure you can afford it?  Don’t worry.  Request a free quote from us today with no project obligations.  We’ll give you a fair estimate to give you a better idea of whether or not our services are right for you. The increased property value and reduced ongoing maintenance costs makes these a winner.

WaterfallNow manufactures all faux rocks from our own fiberglass shop in Surrey, BC. If you are looking for a custom rock mold, faux rock manufacturer or wholesaler, you’ve come to the right place. With over a decade of experience and international recognition, our team is familiar with all methods of artificial rock creation. Many people choose fiberglass over concrete, polyurethane, real rocks, or other applications because it is lightweight, customizable, and doesn’t crack or erode in the winter from freeze-thaw action. We know from having heard from owners of concrete rocks that they’ve spent thousands of dollars attempting to repair the leaks and cracks in their waterfalls with most eventually giving up altogether. We want our clients to enjoy their investments for a lifetime and the fiberglass rocks makes that possible. Since our rocks are molded off of real rock cliffs, most people can’t even tell that our rocks are man-made unless they touch or examine them closely.

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WaterfallNow has dozens of overseas suppliers for custom and premade indoor waterfall fountains. Call today for design ideas, estimates, maintenance, build or installation services. For a guaranteed response please fill the form at the bottom of this website.

✜    Specializing in artificial fiberglass reinforced rocks to create pondless waterfalls.
✜    Custom hand-crafted panels assembled on-site.
✜    Easier to maintain than traditional pondless waterfalls.
✜    Our waterfalls operate in all seasons.
✜    Everything handled from start to finish in one quote – pay as you go.
✜    Sounds of falling water drowns out traffic noise and reduces stress.

✜    Increase property value and curb appeal.
✜   Not prone to cracking or algae like competing products.
✜    Designed however you like. It is all custom made.
✜    Indoor or outdoor, we provide many options to choose from.
✜    Create a very luxurious & exotic atmosphere.
✜    Be one of the lucky few that can afford one.

Fiberglass Rock Water Features Contractor: Solomon   Solomon WaterfallNow   Originally from South Korea, he first arrived some 30+ years ago to Canada.  Solomon and family manufactures rock panels locally in Surrey, BC which are then transported to various project sites around Vancouver and surrounding areas where custom water features are created. His past businesses includes 30+ years of commercial and residential landscaping experience throughout the Lower Mainland.   For many years Solomon’s family and friends operated a soup kitchen on East Hastings (2nd floor beside Pigeon Park) 3 days a week providing warm meals, clothing, shelter, and sharing words of hope to Vancouver’s less fortunate population.  Other hobbies includes golf, fishing, ministry and making pondless waterfalls from unique fiberglass rocks.






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Design, Manufacture, Install

Our experienced team of water features specialists provide consultation and installation throughout all phases.

Pondless Waterfalls

Unique water features for the backyard with LED lighting, waterfall spillways, cascading water and unlimited possibilities. Everything is custom hand-made on-site.

Custom Hand-Made Waterfalls

We hand-craft all of our rock panels in Surrey, BC. They are then transported to the project site and assembled to create artificial rock walls and waterfalls.

Rock Caves, Grottos, And Rock Walls

Fiberglass rocks are a lightweight and flexible alternative to concrete. They work well for display purposes and when blended in with plants and landscaping look just like real rock

Indoor Rock Wall Fountains

Distributor of premium indoor water walls and waterfalls. Materials ranging from glass, metal, and stone water walls for residential and commercial clients

Artificial Rock Waterfalls

Because our rock panels are molded off of actual rockscapes, they maintain the natural surface textures of real rocks. Each panel is locally crafted and can be cut, bent, and patched together to form one seamless rock feature in any size, shape, or design

Custom Rock Pool Waterfalls

We will build you a resort-like setting. We provide artificial rocks, palm trees, and a host of other options based on our clients needs.

Labour, Electrical, Plumbing, Lighting, All Included

Our inhouse team is capable of building virtually anything. If we can imagine it, we can build it.

Custom Swimming Pools

Contact us for an estimate on above ground or in ground swimming pools. Vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, concrete with custom lighting. Pool cleaning packages from $189.


Ready For Your Custom Waterfall?

WaterfallNow does business based on trust. WaterfallNow's simple process makes getting a new water feature a breeze. Installation times can range anywhere from 1 day for our premade fountains or several months for larger projects.

In Person Visit

Our free estimate entails a visit to the location, measurements, photos, samples, and design concepts. We work together with our clients to discover the best course of action. Once an idea of budget and scope of work has been agreed upon we provide a quote valid for a fixed period. Because we eliminate unnecessary overhead and improve efficiency, we can offer some of the best rates on all artwork.

Project Begins

Our contract agreement ensures that both parties needs are met. After an initial deposit is made, we begin preparation of the site and order custom parts for your project. Our hand-made rock panels are shipped to the location and assembly begins. Plumbing, lighting, and minor landscaping is carried out as agreed upon in a timely manner.


The water features undergo thorough testing. We perform touch ups when required. Payment in full has been made by this point. Monitoring of the water feature is essential at this stage. With your help, we can ensure the water feature runs smoothly for many decades to come. Referrals from satisfied customers long after a project is completed is what drives our success.

1. When you give us a call our experienced designer with over 3 decades of experience in residential and commercial landscaping will visit you at your location and come up with some ideas. Our gallery is just a small fraction of what we can do. You can send us photos from the internet and we can provide a hand sketch with the customizations specific to your project.

Art Avenue 2 - WaterfallNowArt Avenue - WaterfallNow

2. Once the concept is approved by you we draw up a simple contract outlining the work that is going to be done along with payment schedules and our commitment to quality work. An initial deposit is made by the client and construction of the custom rock water feature begins.

3. In most cases we will start by preparing the base consisting of a water reservoir which will house the water supply. This includes installation of the pond liner. Natural rainwater is usually enough to keep the pondless waterfall operating for months on end and there isn’t really any maintenance involved. In dirtier conditions we install a filter and in hotter or shadeless areas we will install an autofill. We often only work with our inhouse team of 1-2 people and smaller projects can be finished within a few days or weeks in good weather.

4. We ship the necessary quantities of our faux rock panels that we make ourselves in the planned textures and sizes to the location and begin assembling them to form the unique shape of the rock. Different rock textures can be used according to the landscape. Each artificial rock panel can be bent, cut, and shaped together to any design and painted to any color.

5. Once the overall shape is assumed and plumbing and electrical work is carried out. We patch all of the individual rock panels together to form one single seamless rock piece that is difficult to tell apart from real rock from afar. When blended in with plants, landscaping, trees, and lighting they can look quite amazing especially at night or in winter where the icicles sparkle.

6. Water hoses,  PVC plumbing, water sheers, and other accessories are installed along the way for areas where water will be sourced from. More water falling from higher elevations generally produces more sound. Because we can add or remove our rocks using basic cutting tools, we can make changes to the original concept by request. There have been cases where the decision for a natural water flow vs an LED waterfall spillway unit was put off until midway through the project. We will also install any custom LED lighting at this time to make your water feature really pop out at night.

7. Once the rock is completely sealed together, we perform additional touch ups to increase the beauty and longevity of the design. We will usually brainstorm more ideas at this point with the client who is most likely excited about how their new waterfall is coming together.

8. Once water is added, the water feature can be powered up for the first time for testing and water flow adjustments. Because we have a large selection of quality low-noise waterfall pumps to choose from, we can give our clients a live demonstration of the different strengths (GPH) of pumps. Bonus: The relaxing white noise from falling water can be used to drown out the sound of traffic or other noise.

9. We closely monitor the water feature upon completion to ensure smooth operation. We hope that you can enjoy the water feature for many years and that it will make your evenings, weekends, gatherings and other functions, more enjoyable.

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  • Amazing waterfall, we couldn’t be any happier. Thanks!

    Dilber S. Surrey
  • The kids love playing with the waterfall! All my dish soap mysteriously goes missing. We will definitely call you to build us another one on a different property.

    Lizzy M. White Rock
  •  More than we expected! Entire process went smoothly. Thank you guys so much for a truly AWESOME JOB. PS: I’m no longer embarassed about my yard.

    Nilini P. Burnaby
  • All I can say is WOW. I thought I walked into someone elses yard.

    Raj G. Surrey
  • Very impressed with the artwork and quality in such a short time.

    Adam Moghari - MTM Construction
  • I love water features and WaterfallNow plays an important role in our success as luxury custom home builders. Many blessings.

    John - Builder

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