October 15, 2017 WaterfallNow

WaterfallNow Showroom Location TBD

Due to popular demand we’ve decided it is time to open a showroom for standalone units.

We will be located in Surrey, BC and will have 30~ pieces on display.

The exact open date is not yet known however we will notify previous customers as  well as others in the Lower Mainland to come down and visit us in store.

We may hold a giveaway on several indoor fountains at that time.

If you have a warehouse, retail, or showroom space available send us an email to [email protected]

We are also open to partnership opportunities.



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WaterfallNow WaterfallNow builds custom artificial rock waterfalls in Surrey, BC, Canada. We build water features that stand out and gets compliments. We decided to specialize in what we love to do most - building water features. The method we use the most to create custom artificial rock waterfalls is least common because it requires skill and patience. WaterfallNow really does build rock waterfalls in any size, design, color, or place. Like waterfalls? Call or email WaterfallNow.

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