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WaterfallNow creates custom water features for new and repeat clients throughout Vancouver, West Vancouver, the North Shore, Calgary, and everything in between. The combination of creativity, experience, and passion that goes into each project leads to uniquely designed pieces of functional art for the yard, garden, or commercial space.

WaterfallNow’s family designs and builds water features using any materials. While in the past we employed styrofoam, concrete, natural stone, boulders, and other preformed rocks, the method we now use consists largely of fiberglass. The outer rock layer consists of natural rock powders while the inner layers consist of a tough artificial kevlar membrane that is flexible yet durable. At first glance most people cannot tell that they are man-made rocks.

There is almost no limit to what WaterfallNow can create for its clients. Our Vancouver team is very capable in mold making, custom fiberglass fabrication, fiberglass manufacturing, concrete, natural stone, and a wide-range of other materials. Our inhouse team has many years of experience in crafting custom fiberglass rocks for waterfalls and landscaping locally in Vancouver, Surrey, and other areas throughout the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada.

WaterfallNow Vancouver supplies a wide-range of products for custom water features, fountains, and waterfalls. Simply get in touch with one of our designers to meet for a personalized consultation. Our process requires a visit to the area where the waterfall will go. From there we can give you a no-obligation estimate. We will ask some questions, take some photos, discuss potential add-ons, and come back with a rough sketch and estimation of costs. We can tweak each estimate until the client is ready to move forward with the project and an exact estimate is drawn up. We find that most people usually want to work with us and are glad they did.


Looking for an indoor option? Contact WaterfallNow to inquire about all of the choices for indoor water walls that are available in Vancouver.


Pond Pumps And Waterfall Pumps Vancouver

Water features in Vancouver generally operate in all four seasons as the water rarely freezes outside.  When the water features are kept running throughout the winter, they form beautiful icicles and look even more spectacular with the lights shining on them. A well maintained pond pump for a waterfall or water feature generally lasts between 4-10 years depending on the make and model, operating time, and type of water feature. Water features made with natural stone will usually require changing of the pond pump more frequently as they need to be kept on longer.

Pondless waterfalls are increasing in popularity with homeowners because they use less energy consumption, are cleaner, easier to maintain, safer for small children, and doesn’t come with the downsides of owning a pond. WaterfallNow’s pondless waterfalls which can be seen around Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and throughout the Lower Mainland are unique as they come with 1 large rock that is fabricated on-site. Maintenance can happen once every quarter by draining the small water basin, removing any accumulated gunk, and refilling it with fresh water. In other cases we have had clients who never cleaned their waterfall for several years without issues. We connect power to the pump and lighting to a wireless remote control for homeowners to activate the waterfalls without even being outside.

We Install Waterfall Spillways, Water Jet Laminars, LED Lighting for ponds, Artificial Plants, And More…

WaterfallNow works closely with a wide number of local and overseas manufacturers to negotiate the best deals for our clients. Our priority is quality first and cost second. We cater to each individual clients needs to discover the best solutions for meeting our goals and creating the desired outcomes on time and on budget.

LED Lighting

Pond Liner – Rubber EPDM and Preformed Plastic or Fiberglass Ponds

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