Custom Made Fountains

Quality fountains for gardens, ponds, lobby areas, and more. Indoor and outdoor fountains available in both semi-custom and fully customized designs.  

Indoor Outdoor Waterfalls

Waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes. We create custom man-made pondless artificial rock waterfalls that can go virtually anywhere. Use them to decorate your swimming pool, garden landscape, indoor mall, display wall, and more.

Indoor & Outdoor Water Features

Whether you need something with artificial rock, real rock, concrete, shotcrete, glass, stone, metal, or other, just let us know and we can build it.

Rock Caves, Grottos, And Rock Walls

Fiberglass rocks are a lightweight and flexible alternative to concrete. They work well for display purposes and when blended in with plants and landscaping look just like real rock

Custom Waterfalls & Fountains

Built using any material in any size shape or design. We can work with your interior designer to create a unique water feature.

Artificial Rock Waterfalls

Because our rock panels are molded off of actual rock faces, they retain most of the natural surface textures of real rock. The fiberglass panels can be assembled and patched together in any shape.

Indoor Drink Bar Fountain Shelf Display

Custom made with high quality metals, stones, and glass. Comes with submersible pump, installation mounting kits, installation DVD’s, and free consultations. Infinite sizes, shapes, and styles.

Landscape Waterfalls

We build custom rock waterfalls for home builders and home owners. These affordable custom hand made garden rock fountains are low maintenance and operates in all four seasons.

LED Waterfall Spillway

Custom and premade LED waterfall spillways give an amazing look to any garden. Great for landscapes, backyards,  commercial properties, townhouses, condos, and more.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are not only safer for homes with small toddlers but can also require less maintenance than a traditional cascading waterfall.

Feng Shui Fountain Partition Walls

Many believe that proper placement of a water feature can increase wealth, prosperity, abundance, health, and success.

Garden Rock Water Feature

WaterfallNow’s unique fiberglass panels are used to create man-made waterfalls in any size, shape, or design.

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