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Fiberglass rocks are hollow on the inside yet don’t require costly repairs. Maintenance is as easy as clearing out the pond area. No need to lift out heavy real rocks to get to the liner. Fiberglass rock panels can be cut and repatched at the seams. In fact, we can assemble these realistic fiberglass rock panels to any size. Concrete and GFRC often left our customers with issues a few years later when cracks from within due to freeze-thaw action caused leakage issues that took us a while to fix. As we operate in small 1-3 man crews, we can usually assemble and set up smaller fiberglass rock waterfalls in the yard within a few days (some extra time required to paint the rock, let it dry, and then test the water pressure). Larger projects require more time but these things are all discussed in advance of project commencement.

No Public Showroom – Order semi custom premade units by email: [email protected] – Call for Local on-site custom built waterfalls.

Custom, semi custom, premade indoor fountains, waterfall, & water walls. Moses: 778-788-8603 Manufacture + delivery time est 5-10 days. Dozens of manufacturers in China, USA, Canada.

Receive exclusive discounts and installation when you order through WaterfallNow’s dealer discount program. Over 1000 semi custom Pre-Fab designs and styles installed in your home or workplace 7-14 days from ordering.

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No Public Showroom – Order by email [email protected]

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