Front Yard Water Features Feng Shui: Wealth Flows To You

Feng Shui Entryway:


It is recommended to put an object that would thrive well in any season by the entryway to your door. Water features, fountains, and waterfalls are a popular garden ornament or decoration that symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

The entrance of a home is a often good place to put objects that trigger positive thoughts or feelings.

Feng Shui practitioners hold that objects hold thoughts and feelings that we personally associate with them.

Retail Feng Shui

Just as copywriters use words to influence people’s thought patterns, retail designers are also aware that creating a positive shopping environment and experience for customers who walk into their store can increase the urge to buy more.

Having a water feature outside of a shopping mall, hospital, hotel, or any other establishment or even inside of the entryway area can improve the feng shui of a space.

At the same time for good Feng Shui it is best to avoid clutter. You don’t want to place too many objects near the entrway of your establishment or home.

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BBQ Pit For Backyard Kitchens Custom Built

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Reflecting Pool Landscaping Ideas For Custom Homes

A reflecting pool, also referred to as reflection pool or reflection pond (although not really a pond) is a water feature commonly found in gardens, parks, and memorial sites. It usually consists of a very shallow pool of water, without fountain jets or turbulence, for a reflective surface. Modern landscape designers are finding more ways to incorporate them into high the gardens of high end luxury custom homes.

View some spectacular reflecting pool ideas for modern custom homes here >>>

reflection pool water features

reflection pool water features

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